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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2492 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2492

Hogan family.

When Mrs. Hogan saw Lucas coming back, she couldn’t even eat the corresponding breakfast!

“This ba*tard! I thought he had a lot of backbone! When he left yesterday, he said he would never forgive his father. I thought he would never come back. I didn’t expect to come back with a shy face after staying outside for a day. It’s ridiculous!”

“Mom, don’t be angry. He is an illegitimate child who can’t stand on the stage! Dad let him live in the auxiliary building, which is already humiliating him, and he thought it was a gift! There is no such person. He is ashamed and has no brains, so he can’t become a great talent. He said yesterday that his father begged him to come back, so there is no need for us to have conflicts with him.” Esteban Hogan, the eldest son, said calmly, “We don’t want to ruin the relationship with my father because of him.”

Mrs. Hogan: “Courtesy, you are right. I quarreled with your father, but it can’t change the fact that Lucas has become the young master of the Hogan family. Your dad looks down on him, so your dad won’t reuse him when the time comes.”

“I’ve already found out that he was expelled from school because of fighting.” Esteban mocked, “I believe that as long as Dad is not old-fashioned, he will definitely not leave the family property to this ba*tard.”

Mrs. Hogan: “Well, Esteban, you can work with peace of mind and don’t be affected.”

“I didn’t pay attention to Lucas at all. I’ll go and see him later.” Esteban finished his breakfast and came out of the main building and was ready to go to the auxiliary building to have a look.

Although the auxiliary building was connected to the main building, the yard was separate. The auxiliary building was much shorter, and the space was also much smaller, and it’s usually used for storing sundries.

When Esteban came out of the main building, by coincidence, he ran into Siena who was looking for Lucas.

Esteban knew that there was an ugly girl in her family, but she didn’t pay attention to it.

Siena usually helped out in the back kitchen and never appeared in front of the hosts.

“Eldest, Eldest Young Master!” Siena recognized Esteban and immediately lowered her head, “Eldest Young Master, I’m here to look for Young Master Hogan. I wonder if Young Master Hogan has come back?”

“He’s back. I’m going to see him. The two of us went there together.” Esteban put his hands in his pockets, looked at Siena’s intact side of the cheek, and couldn’t help feeling, “If you haven’t been disfigured, you should be a big beauty. What a pity!”

“Did Lucas bully you?” Esteban asked again, “If he bullied you, you can tell Mr. Todd or my mother. You and your mother-in-law have worked in our house for so many years, we will definitely not let you being bullied.”

Siena was very touched, “Thank you, Eldest Young Master! Young Master Hogan didn’t bully me.”

“Oh? Didn’t he dislike the disgusting scar on your face?” Esteban continued to ask.

Siena raised her head and looked at Esteban: “Master Hogan didn’t dislike me.”

Esteban got goosebumps from the scar on Siena’s face, and immediately turned his eyes away: “Let’s go in!”

The two entered the auxiliary room. Upstairs, they saw Lucas who had just finished breakfast.

“Master Hogan, why didn’t you tell me when you came back? I couldn’t find you when I got up in the morning. I was so anxious.” Siena strode up to Lucas and asked.

“Who is he?” Lucas glanced coldly at Esteban and asked Siena.

“He is your elder brother.” Siena felt that the atmosphere was not right, and went to clear the plates on the table after speaking.

“Lucas, hello. I’m your brother Esteban.” Esteban looked at Lucas, “I’ve been busy these days, so I just came to see you today. Does the injury on your face matter? How about calling me? The doctor came to see you?”

“No need.” Lucas was like a hedgehog, with barbs all over his body, “Go and do your work!”

Esteban chuckled, and took out cash from his wallet: “My mother poisoned your dog for the sake of the safety of our whole family. This is a thousand dollars, you take it. It’s not much, but it’s enough than that dog’s life.”

Hearing these heart-wrenching words, Siena’s affection for Esteban was shattered.

Not to mention that Lucas took the thousand dollars.

Did he really think that this thousand dollars could be worth the dog’s life?

After Esteban left, Siena said, “Young Master, you shouldn’t…”

With a ‘snap’, Lucas crumpled the thousand dollars cash into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

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