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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2490 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2490


After Lucas went back to his room to rest, Siena went back to the back kitchen of the main building.

“Siena, how is it? That Young Master Hogan didn’t make things difficult for you, did he? That dog didn’t bite you, did it?” Auntie Perry asked.

“Young Master Hogan said that the noodles I cooked were not as good as his. He said that if I still cook unpalatable food for him at night, I will not be left to work.” Siena was a little sad, “The dog is okay, doesn’t bite me.”

Mrs. Perry: “Siena, don’t be afraid. I’m going to teach you how to cook a few dishes now. I promise you can pass the test tonight.”

“Thank you, Auntie Perry.” Siena cheered up quickly, and bright lights flickered in her eyes, ” Auntie Perry, actually I don’t think Young Master Hogan is bad. He didn’t call me ugly. And even though he said the noodles I cooked for him were not tasty, he still ate them up.”

Auntie Perry: “Maybe he’s too hungry But he didn’t dislike your ugliness, which is really surprising.”

“I’m also surprised. So I have to do this job well and pay off the debt.” Siena’s optimistic smile made Auntie Perry have mixed feelings.

“Is it okay to not go to school at your school?” Auntie Perry asked.

“I explained the situation to the teacher, and the teacher agreed to my self-study, as long as I can meet the test scores.” The light in Siena’s eyes dimmed a bit, “I can only work during the day and study by myself at night. Otherwise, I have no money to pay the tuition.”

“You are such a poor child.” Auntie Perry said pitifully, “God is really short-sighted! You have been disfigured, and you have lost your parents. Now that your mother-in-law is gone, you will be alone in the future.”

“I have no one to rely on. Even if I go to university, I’m afraid it will be difficult to find a decent job in the future. Auntie Perry, teach me how to cook! I’ll keep this job first before I can think about the future.” Siena said. Looking at the ingredients for the evening, she changed the subject.

Mrs. Perry: “Yeah.”

In the Dinner time.

Siena brought the cooked boiled shrimp, fried pork with green peppers and three delicacies soup to Lucas.

Those three dishes were relatively simple, basically as long as she did it with her heart, it couldn’t go wrong.

“Young Master, let me peel the shrimp for you!” Seeing him pick up the chopsticks and start eating, Siena took a shrimp and began to peel the shrimp.

“Go feed the dog.” Lucas ordered with a blank expression.

Siena was stunned for a moment, and after understanding what Lucas meant, she immediately picked up the plate of boiled shrimp, ready to feed the dog.

Lucas: “Why did you take the shrimp away?!”

Siena: “Young Master, didn’t you ask me to feed the dog?”

Lucas: “You didn’t make dinner for the dog alone?”

Siena: “Dogs…don’t dogs all eat leftovers?”


Lucas slammed the bowls and chopsticks on the table: “My dog ​​has eaten leftovers all his life, and now he is here at Hogan’s house, can’t he have something good?”

Siena was so frightened that she immediately put the boiled shrimp back on the table: ” I’m going to cook it right away! But young master, there are only a few vegetables left in the kitchen…how about I make it a bowl of green vegetables noodles?”

Lucas: “…”

He finished the rice in the bowl, strode back to the room without explaining anything.

Siena immediately took the leftovers to feed the dog.

“Hi Rhubarb, you see, we two have officially met today. I’ll come over tomorrow morning. Don’t bite me, okay?” Siena said to the dog.

The yellow dog buried his head in eating the shrimp and ignored her.

“Rhubarb, I know you are just like your master. You look fierce, but you are actually a good dog.” Siena patted the dog’s head, “Come in after you finish eating, it’s too cold outside. I’m going back and see you tomorrow.”

The next day, at 11:00 a.m.

Siena led the ingredients from the main building to the auxiliary building.

She opened the courtyard door, and saw the yellow dog lying in the courtyard, whose body had become stiff.

“Rhubarb! What’s wrong with you?! You were fine last night! Don’t scare me!”

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