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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2487 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2487

Two days later, Siena finished her mother-in-law’s funeral and came to Hogan’s house.

Before the mother-in-law was bedridden, she had been doing chores in the back kitchen of the Hogan family.

The money the mother-in-law earned every month was used for Siena’s schooling.

Siena had been sensible since she was a child. Since her mother-in-law came to work in Hogan’s house, whenever she had free time, she would come to Hogan’s house to help with things.

All the servants of the Hogan family knew Siena and took good care of Siena.

“Siena, how is your mother-in-law? Will you still come here to work in the future? The housekeeper suddenly asked about this yesterday!” The familiar servant immediately asked after seeing Siena.

“Auntie Perry, my mother-in-law has already left.” Siena lowered her eyes and her voice was muffled.

Auntie Perry: “Hey! It’s good that your mother-in-law is gone, otherwise you have to go to school, work part-time to earn money, and take care of your mother-in-law. How tired you are!”

Siena: “I’m not tired.”

Auntie Perry: “You’re not tired, your mother-in-law is too! I The last time I went to see her, she was so skinny that she looked painful. It would be a relief to leave. You can tell the housekeeper later and beg him to take you in and continue working here. Otherwise, you will pay for your tuition in the future. What should I do?”

Siena: “Thank you, Auntie.”

“Are you tired these days? Let’s see how thin you are.” Auntie Perry said, took a steamed bun and stuffed it for her, “This is leftover from the morning, you can eat it. You will be alone in the future, and you are so pitiful.”

Auntie Perry said, staring at the ugly scar on her face, and sighed regretfully.

Although people often looked at her like this, Siena still felt a little uncomfortable.

She put the steamed bun in her mouth and took a bite. At the same time, she turned her back and took out her mobile phone.

In the past two days after her mother-in-law passed away, she often couldn’t help crying.

For example, now——

she was holding back tears while eating steamed buns, and tapped her fingers on the screen of the phone.

With tears in her eyes, she saw a strange yet somewhat familiar face appearing on the screen of her mobile phone.

Lilly, her good friend from G-Temple, celebrated her eighteenth birthday today.

Lilly had long white hair on her shoulders, a beautiful crown on her head, and a pink princess dress. She was so beautiful, like a princess who came out of a comic book.

In the photo, Lilly stood in front of a big three-tiered cake, clasped her hands together, and made a wish with her eyes closed.

After eating the steamed buns, Siena wiped away the tears on her face, and looked at the photo again.

That was Avery’s Facebook post.

Avery occasionally shared her daily life on Facebook.

Every year on this day, Avery would post Lilly’s birthday photos on Facebook.

This was also the reason why Siena followed Avery’s Facebook.

Although her and Lilly’s lives would never intersect again, seeing that Lilly was doing so well now, she would still be happy for Lilly.

In three months, Siena would be her eighteenth birthday. It’s just that her eighteenth birthday could only be spent alone.


“Hey, the Hogan family has big gossip again! The master seems to have brought another illegitimate child back from his business trip this time! I heard that he is already at the airport. Madam is throwing something in the room right now!”

“Tsk tsk, another illegitimate child! How old is this illegitimate child? The master is also amazing. At this age, I don’t know how to calm down. No wonder Madam has such a big temper!”

“I don’t know how old the child is! But the child should be an adult now. I heard that the auxiliary building is for that young master! In the next period of time, it is estimated that the family will not be peaceful! We must be careful in doing things, otherwise we will make the masters unhappy. It’s bad luck to have a knife!”

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  1. More please I’m just so sad that it has taken so long for them and they still haven’t made it to one another yet so very sad that they might never meet each other this book didn’t work out so well I’m not very happy about it at all thank you though

  2. Ugh it fast forward so quickly. She needs to go back to see Lilly or contact her so she can have her real family. Thank you for the time you spend on translation!!

  3. Aghhh!! This episode is so painful to the heart. Hope Siena will contact Avery now on her social media. Can’t Siena see on Avery’s photos her resemblance with her parents and siblings? This novel keeps holding back on most important scenes like getting the family back together. That MIL & Gloria really instilled fear in Siena’s mind & heart & that her birth mother was Rebecca Jobin. She missed out a lot in her real family. She could have been happier like Lily. I’m gonna have a heart attack anticipating on this kind of suspense novel.

  4. It can’t be 20 years later as the chapter stated when it updated to Siena’s story. She is only about to turn 18, so she’s 17 & she was several years old prior to this update so 20 years could have not passed based on her age. And I am done reading this! This book will go on and on and never give us the ending we deserve for the time we have dedicated to it. 😡

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