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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2484 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2484

After a while, Nick walked over with an old mobile phone.

Nick: “Fortunately, the phone still has power. I turned it on and checked, and there was indeed a video I took of Haze in it.”

After Nick finished speaking, Elliot snatched his phone.

Hayden moved closer to Elliot, also wanting to watch his sister’s video.

Elliot clicked on the video, and a chubby little girl appeared in front of him.

The Haze in the video was white and fat, and she had been raised very well.

Haze sat on the floor mat with a smile, holding a small toy in her small hand, shaking it vigorously.

She looked at the camera and smiled very sweetly. The light in her eyes reached Elliot’s heart.

Elliot’s tears burst out instantly.

Nick didn’t expect Elliot to cry so easily. Immediately took a tissue from the table, handed it to Hayden, and asked Hayden to give it to him.

“Don’t cry.” Hayden forced the tissue into Elliot’s hand, and said, “Maybe Haze is not dead.”

After wiping away his tears, Elliot said with red eyes, “She’s so cute…she’s really so cute…I shouldn’t have been so unfeeling to her back then.”

“What do you mean by saying that?” Hayden frowned, “She’s my mother’s daughter and so cute.” If not, Hayden wouldn’t think she’s cute.

Elliot tightly gripped the phone with his fingers, looking at his daughter with a lively smile in the video, his heart ached with guilt.

When leaving Nick’s house, Elliot took Nick’s old cell phone away.

Back at the hotel, Elliot went straight into the master bedroom and closed the door.

Mike asked Hayden: “What’s wrong with your dad? He has a gloomy face, a little scary!”

Hayden: “He saw the video before Haze’s accident.”

Mike: “Where is the video? I want to watch it too.”

“A video from NIck’s old cell phone.” Hayden replied, “Haze is chubby, very cute.”

“Children around one year old are cute. Do you know why?” Mike is very experienced in raising children.

“You either don’t say it.” How could Hayden know why.

“Because a one-year-old child develops so fast! It is no exaggeration to say that a one-year-old child eats more than me every day!” Mike recalled, “When I took you and Layla, I had a deep understanding. At that time Feeding you was like feeding piglets! You drank hundreds of milliliters of milk a day, and you had to eat three meals a day, it’s not scary…”

“Stop it.” Hayden felt a stomach ache.

He now ate three meals a day, although one meal was not less, but the amount of food in each meal was normal.

“No progress tonight?” Mike leaned on the sofa and sighed, “Before you came back, your mother called me and asked us to go back to Aryadelle as soon as possible. Your mother felt that Haze couldn’t be found after so much effort, which means that the person who brought Haze hid her very well. If you continue to search, it will be difficult to find results.”

“Hayden, Your mother is mainly afraid that you will be in danger here. She doesn’t want you to stay in Yonroeville for a long time.” Mike added.

“Those old guys are cowards, nothing to be afraid of.” Hayden said lightly, “It’s just that they don’t know Haze’s whereabouts, so it’s really meaningless to stay here.”

“Where is Haze hiding?” Mike rubbed his chin, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Yeah.” Hayden didn’t want to think about the bad side, but he couldn’t find Haze, which could explain some problems.

“Your mother should be able to accept this result, but I think your father can’t accept it.” Mike shrugged, “What a fragile man.”

“He is indeed getting more and more fragile now.” Hayden remembered that when his father saw Haze’s video and burst into tears, he was shocked at that time.

“Actually, it’s normal. Your father is not young anymore.” Mike tried to analyze, “You see, you are already twelve years old, and after the Spring Festival, you will be almost thirteen.”

Hayden silently calculated Elliot’s age in his heart, then there was silence.

“Your mother also told me one more thing.” Mike suppressed a smile and whispered, “Your mother told me that your father sent her a message tonight, saying that he wanted to hear you call him father.”

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