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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2482 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2482


Hayden’s left hand moved on the table.


After everyone saw this action, they had to obey.


“All right! Just donate! Donate to charity!” The second brother blushed and said this reluctantly.


“Since the second brother said so, I will also donate.” The fourth brother said.


Nick said, “Elliot, are you disappointed in me?”


“It’s nothing disappointing, I just want to find my daughter as soon as possible.” Elliot didn’t even spend the Spring Festival with his family this time, so he just wanted to come here early and strike while the iron is hot, to end this matter.


“Why are you so stubborn? Don’t you still have Layla? If Haze is gone, it will be gone! If you still want to have another daughter, you and your wife will have another one! As for giving yourself away for a daughter Are you so tired?” The second brother persuaded, “The son is the most important thing. I think your son is amazing! If I were you, I would be so happy!”


“Son and daughter are equally important!” Elliot refuted his remarks, “If I had known that Haze was my daughter, I wouldn’t have been so indifferent to her after she was born. I want to make it up to her!”


“If I can’t find her, there is no way! It’s too easy for such a small child to hide. It’s gone!” The fourth brother said, “Maybe Haze is dead. Children die too easily. I have already lost several children.”


Elliot and Hayden were speechless.


“My first child died due to dystocia. During delivery, the child lacked oxygen and died at birth. The second child who died was born smoothly, but the life was not very good. The thing choked to death. The third child who died ran into the water to play by himself and drowned…” The fourth brother recalled his own children who died young, and his mood was a little dignified.


“If Haze is still alive, why can’t you find her? You all know that Gloria bought Haze back then, why can’t you find out?” The fourth brother slapped his thigh suddenly when he said this, “She is dead! I don’t think you should look for her anymore! If she really wants to live, she will naturally look for you when she grows up.”

Originally, Elliot had no appetite for this meal, and now he has even less appetite.


“Let’s eat first! This problem won’t be solved for a while. Hayden finally came here, eat more!” Nick greeted, “Hayden, you are really courageous and resourceful, stronger than your father.”


“I can see it too!” The second brother raised his glass and wanted to toast Hayden, “I heard that you created the Dream Maker Group by yourself, why are you so awesome? When your father was your age, he’s only going to study hard!”


Elliot couldn’t hold back anymore.


But after thinking about it, his son was awesome, and his face was also bright.


“When you were my age, not only were you not as good as me, but you couldn’t read well, right? As long as you read a little more, you won’t be so stupid.” Hayden said bluntly, without any regard for the other party’s face.


The second brother slammed the table, very annoyed.


“Second brother, don’t be angry. We are indeed not as good as Hayden.” Nick comforted, “We are not as good as him in terms of business acumen or the means of dealing with the enemy. This is not something to be ashamed of, Hayden is Elliot’s son and is not the son of an outsider.”


The fourth brother also persuaded: “Second brother, isn’t your second daughter about the same age as Hayden? You can arrange for them to meet and arrange a marriage…”

The second brother’s eyes lit up immediately, and he was very satisfied with this proposal.


“Didn’t you guys want to kill me just now?” Hayden reminded them, “Have you lost your memory?”


“Aren’t we reconciled now?” The second brother said with a shy smile.


“Who reconciled with you?” Hayden replied calmly and impolitely, “Shameless old man!”

The second brother was really angry when he was called a ‘Shameless old man!’


He threw the chopsticks in his hand and stood up from the chair: “I won’t eat! You can eat!”


After finishing speaking, The second brother was angry.

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