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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2195 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2195

After breakfast, Avery plans to visit Calvin’s wife.

According to the data, Calvin’s wife resigned from the hospital a few years ago and has not worked since then.

Just as Avery was about to go out, the phone rang.

“Eric.” Avery answered the phone, “How is your blind date?”

Eric: “Are you free now? I want to meet and chat with you.”

Avery glanced at the time, even if she was going to visit Calvin’s wife, it’s too early now.

Avery: “Okay! Have you eaten breakfast?”

Eric: “I’m full after a cup of coffee.”

“Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach next time. Be careful that your stomach can’t stand it. Let’s meet outside. I’ll treat you to breakfast.” Avery said.

Eric: “Okay.”

Half an hour later, the two met in a tea restaurant.

After ordering, the waiter left.

Eric took off his mask. He picked up the water glass and took a sip of water.

“Eric, looking at you, you don’t seem to be very happy.” Avery glanced at him, “Have you met your blind date?”

“Well. This person is a man, but for a while, he’s a woman, I don’t know if he is a man or a woman.” Eric complained to Avery, “I made an appointment with him to meet tomorrow. My mother forced me, I regret it now, and I don’t want to go and see him. I still want Frank to help me meet him.”

“Did you ask your assistant to go there last time you met someone?” Avery asked in surprise.

Eric: “Well. I really don’t want to show up.”

“I understand your feelings. Now that you haven’t really shown up, things are difficult to solve. I’m afraid that things will be more difficult to solve if you show up.” Avery helped him analyze.

Eric: “I thought so too. But my mother actually said that even if I can’t be a lover with that person, I can be friends. I don’t lack friends at all.”

Avery: “Then what are you going to do tomorrow? Do you really let the assistant go to the appointment? In fact, you can also go together, you can just observe in secret.”

“I think so too. So I chose to meet him at an outdoor music festival. When there are many people, I can hide in the crowd and watch, What the h-e-l-l is going on with him?” Eric said here, took out a music festival ticket, “Would you like to go together? We can go to listen to music together.”

Avery took the music festival ticket and glanced at it…

Suddenly, she had an idea: “Eric, do you have any more tickets there?”

“Yes! How many do you want? I can get many.” Eric asked.

Avery: “I just need one more.”

Eric immediately took out another one from his pocket.

Eric: “Who are you going to give it to? Hayden?”

“No. I’ve been wanting to meet someone for a few days, but that person is controlled by Travis and dare not meet me. If I ask him to a music festival, there are many such people. Travis’s people are not so good at staring at this place.” Avery said. Her eyes suddenly glowed, “Eric, thank you for providing me with this good method.”

Eric: “…”

He wanted to ask Avery to listen to music together, but she had other things on her mind.

That’s it! Elliot’s matter has not been resolved yet, so why is Avery in the mood to listen to music!

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