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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2192 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2192

“Ah! Who? So abominable! My daughter is a real girl!” Maxine blushed with excitement. In order to prove that her daughter was a woman, she immediately raised her daughter’s chin, “Look at my daughter! She has no Adam’s apple.”

Eric’s mother: “She’s a very beautiful and delicate girl. It’s exactly the same as in the photo.”

Maxine: “Hey! This is a big misunderstanding! No wonder I met Eric today, and Eric’s reaction was so cold. It turns out that he misunderstood the gender of our family Maggie!”

Eric’s mother: “Maggie, don’t worry, I’ll call my son later to clarify this misunderstanding.”

“Then I’ll trouble you! But I think it’s better for them to meet again! As long as they meet, this Misunderstandings can be really solved.” Maxine suggested.

Eric’s mother: “I think this proposal is good! I’ll tell my son later. Let the two of them make an appointment and meet again.”

“Then please tell Eric. I’ll wait for your news at any time.” Maxine Spoke politely.

Eric’s mother: “Okay. After I’ve agreed with Eric, I’ll send you a message.”

Maxine: “Mmmm!”

After the two chatted, they hung up the video call.

“Mom!” Maggie’s scalp was numb, “you’re going to see Eric, you can see it yourself…or you let me talk to him alone, you two elders don’t interfere, okay? Otherwise, you will fight. D*mn me, I won’t go to see him either!”

Maxine’s face changed instantly: “Why are you so disobedient now?!”

“Mom, I’m your daughter, not your toy. I have the final say on what kind of man I will find in the future. I’m not a commodity, why do you think others have no money, so you won’t let me interact with others and discover others…Now that you have money, you are shy to try to please others? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Maggie blushed and said what was in her heart.

“If I don’t think you are my daughter, I don’t care who you marry? I don’t want you to marry well and live a better life in the future? You don’t understand mother’s painstaking efforts at all, and you still despise mother’s shame. I, I…” Maxine said, she suddenly dizzy.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Maggie immediately supported her mother when she saw that her mother’s face was wrong.

At this moment, the door opened, and Calvin strode in and supported his wife.

“Don’t be afraid, Maggie, your mother has high blood pressure.” After Calvin finished speaking, he immediately helped his wife out of the room, then brought her medicine and fed her to eat.

“Dad, when did mom have high blood pressure? Why didn’t I know?” Maggie lost her temper in fright.

“The year you were in high school. Your mother said that she would go back to her mother’s house to live for a while. In fact, she was hospitalized because of high blood pressure. She was afraid that you would be worried, so she never told you. That’s why I asked her to resign later. Too tired.”

Maggie immediately lowered her eyes, thinking of what she said when she talked back to her mother just now, it was too impulsive.

“Maggie… Mom doesn’t disrespect you… Mom just feels that money is more and more important… You need money for meals, you need money for illness, as long as you go out, you need it everywhere. Mom doesn’t want you to work too hard as a girl in the future.” After Maxine took the medicine, her mood was a little more stable.

Maggie: “Mom, I’m sorry. I won’t be angry with you in the future. But you should let us handle the matter between me and Eric. I’ll talk to him later. If we really can’t talk, you can’t force it.”

“I-I didn’t want to force it. If the two of you really can’t get along, it’s useless for me to force it. I think you don’t seem to take this matter to heart, for fear that you will miss a good partner.” Maxine said.

The other side.

Video call of Eric’s mother and Eric.

“Eric, Maggie is really a girl! I just had a video call with Maggie and her mother, and I had seen them clearly…”

“Mom, how did you see clearly? Eric asked, “I’ve seen him too. He’s a man. He just looks more delicate.”

Eric’s mother: “I looked at her throat. She doesn’t have an Adam’s apple.”

Eric has never seen Maggie, but Frank has.

Frank said that Maggie’s Adam’s apple protrudes more than he does.

How did Frank get to Maggie’s place, and Maggie didn’t have an Adam’s apple again?

Does this person have an Adam’s apple or not?

“Eric, I’ve agreed with Maggie’s mother, you and Maggie will meet again. Make this misunderstanding completely clear. You are a man, don’t be so stingy. It’s just a matter of seeing more, you won’t lose anything.” Eric’s mother remembered Maggie’s pretty and cute little face was in a good mood, “She’s so cute! Even if you can’t fall in love with her, it’s good for you to be friends!”


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