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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2191 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2191

“I don’t get off class until 8 o’clock. Mom, if you are really uncomfortable, can I call an ambulance for you?” Maggie didn’t want to delay the experiment at night.

“Oh, forget it, just pretend that I didn’t call you! If something happens to me in the future, I don’t need your siblings to care about me. I’ll call your dad!” Maxine finished complaining, hang up the phone.

At 7:30 in the evening, Maggie rushed home.

Maxine was sitting in the living room while eating melon seeds and chasing dramas.

Seeing her daughter come back, she picked up her phone and checked the time.

Maxine: “Didn’t you say that the class didn’t end until 8 o’clock? Why did you come back so early?”

“Didn’t you say that you are not feeling well? I was not at ease, so I told the instructor to leave early.” Maggie put down the backpack and looked at her mother, “I think you look very good!”

“Maggie, your mother is in good health! It’s also thanks to you that you have the heart. You don’t see your brother coming back.” Calvin said, “Still My daughter is good. My daughter knows that she is distressed.”

“Maggie, I have something to tell you. Let’s go, let’s go to your room and talk.” Maxine turned off the TV and took her daughter to the room.

“Maggie, your mother went to see your blind date today!” Calvin raised his voice and told his daughter in advance.

“Ah?! Mom! You went to see Eric? Why didn’t you tell me?” Maggie followed her mother into the room quickly.

After the door of the room was closed, Maxine took out her mobile phone and said slowly, “You said that you don’t like Eric, so I was curious about what’s wrong with Eric, so I asked him out. Maggie, it’s not that you can’t see him. Is it because he despises you?”

“Mom, did he tell you that?” Maggie frowned, not expecting Eric to be such a person.

“No! I saw Eric. He didn’t say anything, and his quality was very high.” Maxine looked at her daughter, “Eric is tall and handsome, and the family has money, so he must have seen it. I can’t get you!”

Maggie: “Tall and handsome? Mom, are you sure?”

Maxine: “Of course I am! Not only is he tall and handsome, but he also has a very nice voice! If I were your age, I would definitely go after him!”

Maggie was speechless, turned around, and went to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, she came out of the bathroom and saw her mother talking about the video call.

“Mom, who are you talking to about the video call?” Maggie went straight to the closet, intending to take the pajamas to take a bath, “Go out and talk, I’m going to take a bath.”

“Maggie, come here, call Auntie.” Maxine called her daughter in a soft voice, “I’m making a video call with Eric’s mother, look at Eric’s mother, how beautiful! No wonder she gave birth to such a handsome son in Eric.”

Maggie: “!!!”

Maggie froze in place.

She has stopped contacting Eric Showdown, so why are the two mothers chatting?

Maxine pointed the camera at Maggie, and Maggie had to squeeze out a cute and cute smile out of conditioned reflex.

Maggie: “Hello, auntie.”

“Eric’s Mother, this is my daughter Maggie. She is a junior this year. She will graduate in one year next year. She has reached the legal age for marriage and can get married now. Of course it doesn’t matter. Yes, my daughter looks more beautiful in reality than in the photos. My daughter is pure now, isn’t she cute?” Maxine praised her daughter like she was promoting a product.

The smile on Maggie’s face froze.

–For the money of other people’s family, her mother really has no bottom line and principle!

–Obviously her mother was not like this before, why is the older she get more greedy for money?

“Maggie is so cute! No matter how you look, she looks like a girl!” Eric’s mother sighed.

Maxine was shocked: “Eric’s mother, Maggie is a girl in our family! Does she look like a man?”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry, of course I believe Maggie is a girl, but my son doesn’t. I know what I heard from who said that Maggie was a boy.”

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