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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2024 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2024

Even if she becomes the sinner of the family, at least she has a clear conscience!

After hearing Katalina words, Aqi immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Avery.

“Miss Tate, Katalina told me just now that you and my boss were designed by Norah in Yonroeville.” Aqi told her about it, “Katalina heard Norah talking on the phone with a person and colluded with Yonroeville. The time was just before the accident between you and my boss.”

Avery was lying on the bed, her fingers holding the phone suddenly tightened.

Although she had long guessed in her heart that this matter might be related to Norah, but now that she heard the definite result, she still felt the pain of a knife twisting in her heart.

It was Elliot who single-handedly pulled Norah out. Let Norah become the head of the Tate Industries.

But Norah wanted to kill them both!

How ironic! How absurd!

If Elliot knew that everything was done by Norah, Avery doesn’t know how Elliot would feel.

“Go and catch Norah immediately! Interrogate Elliot’s whereabouts!” Avery growled.

“Yes!” After Aqi took the order, he strode towards Foster’s house.

On the way back, Aqi told Ben Schaffer about this again.

After Ben Schaffer heard the incredible news, he gritted his teeth: “Aqi, I’ll go find her with you. I know where Norah lives!”

Aqi: “I also know where she lives. Her cousin is with me now. I asked her cousin to take me there.”

“Okay, you go first, I’ll come later!” Ben Schaffer was furious.

Norah is so brave!

How dare she do this?

Did she think her conspiracy was seamless and would never be discovered?

Aqi directly started the car and took Katalina to Norah’s house.

“You just need to take me to her community, and I’ll go find her alone.” Aqi drove the car out quickly and spoke to Katalina.

Katalina told him about this, and he would not expose her.

After all, Norah is her cousin, and the two parents are relatively close.

“You go to my cousin, even if I don’t show up, my cousin knows that I betrayed her.” Katalina didn’t regret telling him about it, “In their eyes, I’ve been with you for a long time…”

Aqi: “What trouble do you have next, just tell me, I will make sure you won’t be bullied.”

“I’m fine…” Katalina lowered her head, feeling very depressed.

Norah will definitely not be able to get rid of the relationship, and she will definitely be regarded as an enemy by her parents and aunt’s family.


Avery sat up after receiving the call from Aqi.

At this time, she was so anxious that she wished she was in the country, wished she could go to Norah to find out!

She doesn’t know how long it tooks, Aqi’s phone called again.

She answered the phone quickly.

“Miss Tate! Norah is not at home! She can’t get through on her phone either! I suspect she may have run away!” Avery felt dizzy when Aqi’s voice came.

Just a little bit of eyebrows, but Norah ran away?

“Don’t worry… I’m looking for someone at the airport to investigate to see if Norah has gone abroad… If Norah goes abroad, no matter where she goes, as long as she hasn’t gotten off the plane, We can all intercept it.” Ben Schaffer’s voice came.

“Miss Tate, I’ll tell you when we have more news from our side.” Aqi said.

Katalina stood beside him and wanted to talk to Avery.

Aqi looked at her expectant eyes and handed her the phone.

“Miss Tate, I’m Katalina. I’m sorry, I heard my cousin’s call long ago, but I didn’t tell you right away.” Katalina said with guilt, “If I had spoken earlier, maybe my cousin wouldn’t have had time to run away.”

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