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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2020 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2020

The bodyguard saw the knife in Caleb’s hand and inserted it into Avery’s body.

Avery’s clothes were stained red with blood! But luckily it’s not in the heart!

The bodyguard picked up the vase on the table and was about to smash it at Caleb. Avery immediately grabbed the bodyguard’s arm and stopped him.

“Take me to stop the bleeding!”

After the bodyguard came in, Caleb let go of the dagger.

Now that the dagger was stuck on Avery’s body, she felt the blood kept flowing out.

The bodyguard threw the vase on the hospital bed, then picked Avery up and took her away quickly.

“Boss, are you okay?” The bodyguard was vaguely uneasy.

“Flesh wounds…it won’t kill me.” Avery’s mood was unusually calm. As if it wasn’t her who was hurt.

“Boss, why are you so calm? Why don’t you let me teach that b*stard? He actually assassinated you, I really want to go and kill him!” The bodyguard was angry.

“If he really wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t put a knife in my stomach.” Avery whispered, “It was Travis who wanted to kill me, not Caleb.”

“Boss, this Travis is too arrogant! We can’t be bullied for nothing!” The bodyguard could not wait to bring a large group of people to Jones’s house to seek revenge on Travis.

“Elliot is in his hands.” Avery said firmly, “I can’t trouble Travis now. I have to rescue Elliot first…”

“Let Elliot’s men come down and surround the Jones family and force them to let them go!” The bodyguard said anxiously.

“I don’t have any evidence to prove that Elliot is in their hands. So I can’t do it.” Avery was also anxious, but it was of no avail. “Now I rashly question Travis, he will not admit it. Once he admits it, he will surely die. If he doesn’t admit it, he can seek police protection.”

“What a headache!” The bodyguard quickly went to the emergency room with Avery in his arms.

The doctor pulled out the dagger from Avery’s body, quickly cleaned the wound, stopped the bleeding, and then bandaged it.

“Prescribe some medicine and take it back to eat. Rest in bed for the past few days, be careful of the wound tearing.” The doctor advised.

Avery: “Um.”

The bodyguard took the order from the doctor and went to get the medicine.

After taking the medicine, the bodyguard helped Avery out of the hospital.

At this time, it was already dark, but the blood on Avery’s clothes was clearly visible.

“Go to the clothing store and buy a set of clothes to change.” Avery didn’t want to go home like this.

“Boss, lie down in the car, and I’ll buy you clothes.” After the bodyguard helped Avery to sit in the car, he asked her the size she was wearing, and then went to a nearby clothing store.

The bodyguard was very upset.

Looking at Avery’s appearance, he definitely didn’t intend to let Mike and Hayden know about it.

The bodyguard was out of breath, took out his mobile phone, sent a message to Mike, and told everything that happened just now.


Jones family.

Caleb’s assassination failed, and the news quickly reached Travis’s ears.

Travis was furious and scolded the trash.

“I can’t handle such a trivial matter. I don’t think he has to live!” Travis calmed his killing intent.

Margaret walked up to Travis and patted him on the shoulder: “Avery must be very careful now after her accident in Yonroeville last time. Caleb didn’t succeed, so I can’t blame him completely.”

“I will not let the people who betray me have a good end.” Travis sneered, “Even if I keep him alive, I will let him live rather than die.”

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