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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2018 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2018

“However, what is your attitude? Your cousin knows that you want to stay in Aryadelle, so she wants you to stay in Aryadelle. we’ve decided not to be too cruel to you. If you don’t thank her, it’s fine. How can you keep your face? Do you think your cousin is forcing you to work under her? She’s helping you! Can a cat or a dog go to work in your cousin’s company? If you were not our daughter, with your ability, you would not be able to join your cousin’s company!”

Lincoln couldn’t bear it any longer and reprimanded his daughter.

Laurel wanted to hold back and not speak, but her daughter’s attitude really made people angry.

Laurel asked, “Katalina, you look like a different person! Who turned you into this? Is that the bodyguard?”

“Mom! Since the last time you came to my school to make trouble, Layla no longer wants me to tutor. Her bodyguards don’t meet anymore, why do you still pour dirty water on others?” Katalina said angrily.

“Oh, it’s such a pity to hear your tone! You’re quite proud of you for free tuition for others! No one else wants you to teach, so don’t show that kneeling and licking look! I can’t afford to lose you and your mother.” The blue veins on Lincoln’s forehead swelled with anger, if it wasn’t for Norah’s presence, he might have had a seizure.

Katalina felt the dislike of her parents, and was very heartbroken: “Dad, Mom, do you think it looks good when you kneel and lick my cousin?”

“Of course, how can you talk like that!” Norah frowned and said seriously, “They are your parents, not your enemies!”

Katalina said, “Cousin, I’m telling the truth. How many times have they said in front of me that I’m not as good as you and if I could have half of you? They think my self-esteem is worthless, as long as I can please You, they can belittle me at will. I sometimes felt that I had no heart, so that I can happily take the pocket money they gave, and I can happily think that this is not compensation, but because they are sincerely love me.”

Norah was irritated, her cheeks flushed: “Since you have such strong self-esteem, don’t take the pocket money given by your parents! You question their feelings for you while taking the money they gave you. Do you think you have no conscience?”

“I kept all the money they gave me…” After Katalina replied to Norah’s words, she took out a card from her bag and put it on the table, “Dad, this is the card you gave me before, this is the card with your ID card, and the password is also set by you. You can find out how much money is in it at any time. Now it’s back to you.”

Lincoln did not expect his daughter to become Saying these words in front of an outsider. All of a sudden, his face blushed.

Norah was also a little embarrassed.

This cousin seems to be different from what she imagined.

“However, do you really want to cut ties with your parents when you do this?” Norah said calmly, “Even if they hurt your heart sometimes, you can’t only think about their bad things. They also have When I’m nice to you.”

“It wasn’t me who said I wanted to cut the relationship. It was my mother.” Katalina said firmly, “You all blame me, as if I made a big mistake.”

“No one said you made a big mistake. You’re working at school, it’s too hard, your parents are worried, it’s normal. If you work under me, I will definitely not make you feel wronged, why do you have to refuse?” Norah asked.

“Cousin, I don’t want to get too close to you.” Katalina said coldly.

“Why?!” The two elders of the Larson family and Norah said in unison.

Katalina looked at Norah’s delicate face and said word by word, “When I went to your house for the first time, I heard you talking on the phone. Avery and Foster were in danger in Yonroeville and you did it. Cousin, I…I will never be able to be as successful as you. Because I can’t be like you, I can get my hands covered with blood.”

The two elders of the Larson family: “…”

Norah: “!!!”

Katalina finished speaking, before they recovered from the shock, they left the private room with their bags.

Not long after, the two elders of the Larson family chased out of the private room and chased after their daughter’s rented house.

“However, you must not say anything about your cousin!” Laurel pleaded with tears in her eyes, “You can’t hurt your cousin! After your cousin’s success, she has always been willing to stay close to our family. If she develops better in the future, she will definitely help us.”

Lincoln and his wife were in the same mood.

How can there be a reason not to help parents?

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