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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2017 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2017

Katalina saw a message from her father, saying that he is now waiting for her in her rented house with her mother.

She thought that after breaking up with her mother last time, her father would not take care of her anymore.

Because her father’s mind has always been on his younger brother, and he has never cared and educated her much.

Katalina couldn’t guess what her father’s attitude would be when she came over this time.

Will she be scolded, and then forcibly take her back to Bridgedale?

Thinking of this, her headache rose.

“Teacher Larson.” Layla’s voice suddenly came from the door of the office.

Katalina looked towards the door, saw Layla, and immediately walked over: “Layla, why are you here? Are there any questions that you can’t do?”

Layla shook her head: “Teacher Larson, yesterday was Teacher’s Day, I was at school yesterday. I made a small gift for you late.”

Layla said, and handed the card in her hand to Katalina.

Katalina took the card, opened it and glanced at it.

Katalina: “This is the most beautiful greeting card I’ve ever received. I’ll definitely keep it well.”

Aqi mocked: “It’s the first time you’ve been a teacher, this is the first time you’ve received a gift from a student in your teaching career!”

Katalina: “Some parents started wishing me a happy Teacher’s Day a week ago. Others asked their students to bring me gifts, but I took them away. I prefer handmade gifts like Layla’s.”

Aqi laughed again: ” You see, the card has Layla’s signature on it. Do you know how much Layla’s autograph sells for? If you sell this card, you can get a lot of money.”

Katalina: “…”

Layla: “Teacher Larson, don’t sell it yet. I will definitely become more popular in the future. When I become more famous, this card will be more valuable.”

Katalina: “…”

Katalina was a little embarrassed, wanted to laugh, and moved.

After sending Layla and Aqi away, Katalina received a call from her father.

Katalina carried her bag and walked towards the rented house.

Both her parents and Norah were there.

Katalina was upset, thinking that they would carry out a crusade against her father.

At this time, her father said, “Of course, your mother talked a lot last time. I have already told her. Let’s go to dinner first and chat while eating.”

Katalina followed them to the restaurant they ordered.

After arriving at the private room, the waiter quickly served the dishes.

“Of course, don’t get angry with your parents. They love you very much. Otherwise, your father wouldn’t leave his job and come to you.” Norah acted as a middle person, and said to ease the atmosphere, “If you don’t want to go back with them, Okay, you quit your current job and come to work in our company. With me taking care of you, your parents won’t force you to go back or get married.”

Katalina: “Cousin, I’ll talk to my parents, Okay?”

“Well.” Norah thought she would thank herself.

Who knows, she changed her face instantly.

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