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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2015 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2015

“Well.” Avery glanced at the time and said, “I’m going back for lunch break.”

“Hey, it’s hard to come here and you don’t even meet me, are you too heartless?” Mike now has a two-hour lunch break.

Aver: “I’m afraid you’ll disturb your work and you keep saying you’re busy…”

“There’s still time to meet and chat with you.” Mike took her to his office and sat down, “Order the car. Are you alright?”

Avert”No! When we were going to see the car, we happened to bump into Emilio, so we were delayed.”

“Leave this to me.” Mike said, looking at the bodyguard, “Tell me your address. The car will be delivered directly to your house.”

Aqi: “Thank you, Mr. Mike!”

Mike looked at Avery again: “What did you talk to Emilio?”

“Caleb’s car accident was caused by Travis. Travis must be a psychological problem.” Avery whispered, “There are so many children in the Jones family who died, I suspect that Travis killed them.”

With a ‘puff’, Mike almost vomited out his lunch at noon.

“Do you have anything to eat in your office? I was shocked by this speculation at noon and couldn’t eat it.” Avery touched her stomach, and her stomach was churning for a while.

“Boss, what do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.” The bodyguard spoke first, “There should be food in the cafeteria, I’ll go and buy some now.”

“Go and buy some for her. I only have drinks in my office, no snacks…” Mike said to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard strode away.

After the bodyguard left, Avery looked over in his office, and then sat down on the sofa.

MIke: “I think your guess is too scary. Did you tell Emilio? What did he say?”

“I didn’t tell him this…I think he must have no idea. He said his father is good for him.” Avery had a headache, “If Travis is really a pervert, then Elliot will be more fortunate. I can’t guess the reason why Travis kidnapped Elliot.”

“You said that Travis was a pervert, then How can you guess his motive.” Mike stood with his hands on his h!ps and stood in front of her, “According to the information I found, I didn’t say he was a pervert!”

Avery said, “You didn’t find out that Travis did Caleb’s car accident. Many things, From the surface, there is no problem. I remember reading a report of a perverted murderer a few years ago. The murderer killed many people more than ten years ago, and the police have not found the murderer. Do you know why the murderer couldn’t be found?”

Mike: “Because there was no surveillance installed more than ten years ago.”

Avery glared at him: “Because the murderer is a well-known honest person from the neighbors. No one thought of it. He turned out to be that perverted murderer.”

Mike: “But Travis’s image in front of outsiders is not an honest person.”

“I’m just making an analogy. There must be a problem with the Jones family dying so many children. If it were another rich man. Family, whenever there is one or two murders in the family, security will be strengthened to prevent similar incidents from happening again. But the Jones family does not. It means that Travis doesn’t care.”

“Avery, you are right. There must be something wrong with this Travis.” Mike didn’t think about it at first, but after listening to Avery’s analysis, his mind opened instantly.

“So I want to rescue Elliot as soon as possible. Jones’s family is a devil’s den, more terrifying than the basement in the suburbs of Yonroeville!” Avery was stuck in her throat.

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