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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2012 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2012

“Avery, do you know why I asked you to invite me to the cafeteria?” Emilio asked back.

Avery: “Why?”

“Because I know you will ask me about these sensitive topics.” Emilio’s eyes read, “I have seen you through a long time ago, “The bodyguards who protect me have my dad’s eyeliner in them.”

Avery: “…………”

This is what she never thought of.

“My dad sent someone to monitor me under the guise of protecting me. Do you still think it’s weird that he attacked my eldest brother?” Emilio said in a low voice, the corners of his mouth raised.

He seems to have long looked down on such an abnormal father-son relationship.

Avery: “But there has to be a reason, right? Although I don’t talk to your dad much, but your dad is a normal person after all…”

“You don’t think of him as a normal person, then everything that happened in the Jones family, you can understand.” Emilio said and started cooking.

Avery’s eyes moved from his face to the vegetable cooking window in front.

After preparing the dishes, the two found a corner and sat down.

The two of them knew nothing about it, and found a place where people were sitting at the adjacent tables.

In this way, Emilio’s bodyguard can only sit a little farther away.

“You said that your father is abnormal, what kind of abnormality? Does he have a mental illness? Does Margaret know?” Avery felt like a melon eater at the moment. She originally investigated the Jones family to find out the whereabouts of Elliot. But now, she felt that what happened to the Jones family was completely beyond her imagination.

If Travis is not a normal person, then Elliot’s situation becomes even more dangerous!

“It’s not as exaggerated as you think. I don’t think he’s mentally ill. He should have become more inflated and extreme after he became rich… He thought he was omnipotent… Probably it’s also because the people around him are holding him, so his behavior is getting weirder.” Emilio said.

“Since Travis’s not mentally ill, why did he kill your elder brother? There must be a reason, right?” Avery breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Travis is not a psychopath, then Elliot may still be saved.

Emilio: “My eldest brother fell in love with someone he shouldn’t…”

“Women?” Avery frowned.

“Yes. That woman used to have a good relationship with my father. But there is no distinction. My eldest brother had a good relationship with that woman half a year ago… In fact, my eldest brother also knows that once my father finds out about this, my father will definitely want to get angry. So they fell in love secretly, but my dad found out.”

Avery thought it was outrageous and absurd: “That woman had a good time with your dad, but she didn’t have a name or distinction. Later, she broke up and talked to your eldest brother. Falling in love…I think it’s a bit awkward, but as long as they don’t feel inappropriate…your dad won’t be…”

“After my dad found out about this, he let the bodyguards beat my eldest brother and I was there at the time.” Emilio smiled bitterly, and continued, “what does this have to do with me? He called me specifically to let me see my eldest brother’s fate with my own eyes… A beating is not enough. When the driver took my eldest brother to the hospital, he sent a bodyguard and rammed my eldest brother’s car.”

Avery was horrified, and her back was sweating: “Your father is definitely sick… ….this is sick! I used to think Elliot was a devil…but he is far less cruel and ruthless than your father!”

“He didn’t kill my elder brother. It shows that he still thinks about father and son in his heart. Love it! Otherwise, my eldest brother would have died long ago.” Emilio ate with relish, as if he was not disgusted by this at all.

Avery has completely lost her appetite. She unscrewed the cap of the water bottle and took a sip of water.

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