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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2005 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2005

Seeing that his emotions were out of control, Avery immediately said, “You can think about the deal I just proposed. As long as you can help me get Elliot’s whereabouts, I promise to cure you.”

“Go away!” Caleb covered his ears with his hands, not wanting to hear her voice.

Listening for one more second seems to kill him.

Avery was very surprised by his reaction, but in order not to continue to stimulate him, she quickly came out of the room.

“Boss, why did you come out so soon?” The bodyguard stared at her face to see if she had any trouble.

“Go out and talk.”

Avery quickly left the house.

On the way back, Avery kept reviewing everything that happened after seeing Caleb today.

The words Caleb said were very strange. He seemed to be implying something to her, but it wasn’t obvious.

His reaction was completely different from what she expected, and she wanted to know why.

Back at home, Avery picked up the water glass and drank a large glass of water.

When the nanny saw Avery’s return, she immediately brought out the prepared lunch.

Avery had no appetite, but went to the table and sat down anyway. She turned on the phone and wanted to send a message to Emilio, but the moment she turned on the phone, she saw Mike’s missed calls and messages.

She dialed Mike’s number, and the call was answered in seconds.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?” Mike asked anxiously, “You and Travis have been drinking coffee for so long?”

“No, we finished drinking soon. I went to see Caleb. That is, Travis’s eldest son.” Avery said doubts in her heart, “He’s a little weird…”

Mike: “Weird? You say he is still his son?”

“Both of them are to blame. It seems that I have obstacles when I talk to them both.” Avery frowned.

Mike helped her analyze: “Travis is 73 years old this year, and the generation gap between the two of you has been separated several times. It is normal for you to not speak. His eldest son had a car accident before, and it is estimated that there is a psychological problem. It’s normal if you can’t tell. You don’t have to doubt yourself, it’s their father and son’s problem.”

“You can really comfort people. But I don’t think it’s what you said.” Avery felt a hunger in her stomach, “Wait when you come back, I’ll eat first.”

After talking on the phone, Avery suddenly forgot that she opened her phone to send a message to Emilio.

She put down her phone and quietly started her lunch.

Her sixth sense told her that Elliot was very close to her, and as long as she continued to look for him, she would definitely be able to find him.

The purpose of the two photos sent by anonymous express last night was to make her give up and stop looking for Elliot.

There must be someone behind the scenes who knew she was looking for Elliot, so she was scared.

After lunch, she returned to her room with her phone.

She thought of Emilio and wanted to verify something from him immediately, so she called him.

Emilio answered the phone quickly, and before Avery could speak, he joked, “You met my dad and my elder brother… Now you are calling me non-stop, what do you want to say?”

“Your brother’s car accident wasn’t an accident, it was man-made.” Avery threw the question out, “Emilio, shouldn’t you have caused his car accident?!”

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