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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2001 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2001 by Desirenovel

“Hello, Mr. Jones.” Avery said hello to Travis.

“Miss Tate, I have admired your name for a long time, and I finally saw you today.” Travis sat down in the seat opposite her, “I asked you out today because I have something to ask for.”

Avery: “Okay! say it.”

“My eldest son Caleb Jones injured his head in a car accident half a year ago. I have been to many experts, but he couldn’t cure it. Someone recommended you to me… I wanted to contact you a while ago, but you returned to Aryadelle.”

When Travis said this, Avery nodded: “Did you bring your son’s medical records? I have to look at his medical records before I can answer your question. Not all brain diseases can be cured.”

Travis did not expect Avery to be so friendly and easygoing. He immediately asked his assistant to hand over the medical records to Avery.

Avery took the medical records and asked, “Is your son at home now or in the hospital?”

Travis: “At home. Staying in the hospital is just basic care.”

Avery: “Well.”

Avery took out Caleb’s brain film from the bag and looked at it carefully.

After Travis ordered a cup of coffee, he began to look at Avery.

“Miss Tate, I heard about the grudge between you and Wanda a few days ago…”

Avery watched the film intently and replied to Travis’s words: “Have you heard about me and Elliot?”

Everything about Wanda and Wanda has been settled, and Avery doesn’t want to waste her time on this matter.

Travis chuckled: “Why didn’t I hear about it? I heard about it when I came from the Tate Industries to open a new company in Bridgedale. It’s just that I’m in a different industry than you, so I don’t have an intersection…”

“Yeah. The last time you took a special plane to Yonroeville, at that time, Elliot and I had an accident in Yonroeville. Do you think it was a coincidence?” Avery looked at Travis’s face after watching the film, “If I was back then Died in Yonroeville, now there is no way to treat your eldest son.”

Travis didn’t know how to take her words.

Her words did not sound painful or itchy, but they carried a strong pertinence.

“Ms. Tate is blessed with great luck, and there will be no accident.” Travis said politely, “Ms. Tate, can you help my son heal?”

“I can try it.” Avery agreed, “I won’t charge you until it’s cured.”

“How does this work? I invite other experts to treat the disease. No matter whether they can cure the disease or not, the money will be taken.” Travis calmly said, “Miss Tate, please make a price! I know my second son, Emilio is your classmate, so I can’t take advantage of you.”

“This is my rule.” Avery said, “Mr. Jones, take me to meet your eldest son later! I’ll check his condition.”

Travis: “Okay. I’ll take you after coffee.”

The two chatted here, and everything was very harmonious and smooth.

The waiter brought the coffee that Avery ordered.

Avery took a sip of coffee and asked, “Mr. Jones, I heard that you and Margaret Gomez were in a relationship recently. Why didn’t you ask Ms. Gomez to help your son heal?”

The expression on Travis’s face stiffened for a few seconds, and then he laughed: “Miss Tate, you’re really well informed.”

“Mr. Jones, you have won the award. It’s not that I am well-informed, but that you are in a relationship with Ms. Gomez, which is also quite high-profile. And Ms. Gomez is not an unknown junior… I am still a little familiar with her.” Avery looked at Travis deeply.

Travis has never seen any younger generation dare to look at him with such bold eyes.

Travis: “Miss Tate, listening to you, I’m afraid I don’t know her as well as you.”

“How is that possible? If you don’t investigate her clearly, how can you fall in love with her?” Avery lowered her eyes, looked at the coffee in the cup, and said casually, “Ms. Gomez is the junior of my mentor, Professor Professor Hough. I complimented her, saying that she is very talented, a rare medical genius.”

Travis listened quietly.

“Ms. Gomez is very obsessed with my teacher. But my teacher is a family man, so my teacher has always avoided her.” Avery pointed to her left face when she said this, “Ms. Gomez rewarded her at the beginning. I slapped.”

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