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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1996 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1996 by Desirenovel

“The fever has subsided, why hasn’t Avery woken up yet?” Mike stayed by the bed for more than an hour. Seeing that Avery’s fever had subsided, he asked the doctor.

The doctor walked to the bedside and lifted Avery’s eyelids with his hand.

The Doctor: “Miss Tate is probably… sleeping.”

Mike breathed a sigh of relief: “Are you sure she’s not life-threatening?”

The Doctor: “This…I can’t say for sure. Unless you take Miss Tate for a detailed body examination…”

Avery was probably frightened by the doctor’s words, so she opened her eyes.

“Miss Tate, you’re awake!” The doctor saw her awake and immediately said, “I just gave you a fever medicine, how are you feeling now?”

Avery glanced at the doctor, then looked at Mike.

“You have a fever. I don’t know how you got a fever. It’s not cold!” Mike muttered.

“It may be a bacterial or viral infection, not necessarily a cold.” The Doctor said.

“Well, it’s hard for you to make a trip. I’ll take you out.” Mike said.

“No, no. Take care of Miss Tate! If you have any questions, please call me at any time.” The doctor said politely and left.

After the doctor left, Mike used Avery’s water glass to get her a glass of warm water.

Mike: “The doctor said you should drink more water.”

Avery looked at the water handed by Mike coldly, and his body remained motionless.

“Why don’t I get you a straw so you can drink while lying down.” Mike accommodated her in every possible way.

“What time is it?” Avery asked, her voice hoarse as if it was from another person.

“It’s past 9 o’clock now. I came to call you for breakfast in the morning and found you had a fever.” Mike put the water glass on the bedside table. “Fortunately, the fever is gone, but you are sweating, why don’t you go take a shower?”

Avery’s thoughts gradually returned to her mind.

“Where’s the photo?” There was nothing in her hand. She remembered that she was holding the photo.

“The photo is in the living room… What are you looking at the photo for? What if you faint again?” Mike didn’t plan to take the photo for her, “Why do you think the photo is real? If Elliot really died, After being cremated, why didn’t that person send Elliot’s ashes? Didn’t you say that the ashes can also be tested for DNA?”

Mike’s words made Avery’s dull eyes shine a little bit.

“Avery, why are you such a smart person being fooled by two photos? Now I can be sure that the person who sent you the photo should be in Bridgedale. So Elliot should be in Bridgedale regardless of whether he lives or dies. Before your guess may be right, Just follow your previous plan and continue to investigate…”

Avery listened to his words, and immediately lifted the quilt and sat up.

“You drink water first.” Mike picked up the water glass and put it in her hand, “I checked the sender’s information on the courier bag yesterday. The name is fake, and the number left is also fake. The sender’s address is also fake. It’s a garbage station, which will be closed at the end of this year, and now there are no staff there.”

“Mike, you just said why I’m being played around…because I care about him. The photo could be real or it could be fake. But as long as there’s a 1% chance it’s real, I…I can’t accept such a result.” Avery drank the water in the water glass after giving an explanation, “but you reminded me that even if he dies, I have to see his ashes with my own eyes. Only I can be sure that he is really dead.”

“It’s not just two photos to pronounce a person dead!” Avery put the water glass on the table, then walked to the closet and took out a clean set of clothes.

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