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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1987 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1987 by Desirenovel

There were students around screaming and running away. There were also more daring students, standing by to watch the excitement.

Seeing that Katalina’s head was beaten, Layla rushed over without thinking.

When the bodyguard saw that Layla was about to pass, he immediately grabbed her, took a step in front of her, and walked over.

“You resign immediately! Come back to Aryadelle with me!” Katalina’s mother, Laurel Larson yelled at her daughter in public, “I have tolerated you to the limit! If I allow you to be so slutty, you will not even know who you are!”

With one hand covering the hot and sore cheek that was beaten, out of the corner of Katalina’s eyes saw the surrounding children.

As a school teacher, at this moment, Katalina was disgraced.

“What’s my identity?” Katalina looked at her mother with tears in her eyes, “I’m just one person.”

“Katalina, what do you mean by that? What are you doing against me?” Laurel saw that her daughter didn’t seem to want to obey her, so she was very disappointed, “You are now in front of so many people, tell me, are you going to fight against me?”

Her roar attracted more people to watch the fun.

The bodyguard didn’t want to interfere in Katalina’s housework, but when he saw Katalina’s face, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and he couldn’t bear it.

He strode up in front of Laurel and lifted Laurel vigorously.

“This is a school, what’s the difference between you making such a fuss and being a lunatic?! You want to educate your daughter, you can go home and close the door for further education!”

“Who are you?! Why do you talk to me like that?” Laurel stared at the man with her shrewd eyes, and then reacted, “Oh, you are the bodyguard of the Foster family? It’s you, trying to seduce me. What are you? Don’t think that you are working in the Foster family‚Ķ You are just a dog of the Foster family, you are not worthy to carry my daughter’s shoes.”

The bodyguard did not expect the lady in front of her to speak so disgustingly.

Regardless of whether Laurel was Katalina’s mother or not, The bodyguard couldn’t bear Laurel continuing to be arrogant. He walked to Laurel in two steps and knocked her to the ground with one punch!

If it wasn’t for the concern that she was a woman and her body was relatively weak, it would not be overturned, but kicked to the ground.

After Laurel was pushed down, she suddenly cried out in pain.

Katalina immediately ran over with tears in her eyes when she saw her mother’s dejected appearance.

Katalina: “Mom! Are you alright?”

Laurel was in a hurry, grabbed her daughter’s arm, and after struggling to stand up, her eyes stared at the bodyguard like poison.

Laurel: “How dare you hit me! You b*stard without a tutor!”

The bodyguard was scolded again, his fists clenched, and he couldn’t help but want to do it again.

Katalina cried and begged: “Aqi, don’t beat my mother. My mother has high blood pressure! Please don’t do it!”

“What are you calling him?! You shameless thing! Your cousin really didn’t say anything wrong! You’ve gotten along with this wild man so quickly!” Laurel was so angry that she pushed her daughter away, “I don’t have a shameless daughter like you! In the future, don’t even think about taking a penny from home!”

Laurel said angrily and strode away.

Katalina looked at the direction her mother was leaving, and her tears couldn’t stop falling.

“Teacher Larson, don’t cry.” Layla took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to her, “Your mother may be good or bad. She not only scolds you, but also beats you. I don’t want this kind of mother to give it to me. “

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