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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1964 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1964 by Desirenovel

On the way home, Avery said to the bodyguard: “When you came to pick up Layla every night, did you find anything unusual about this teacher Larson?”

Bodyguard: “Yes. She is very enthusiastic about Layla. Layla’s poor academic performance, we can pay Layla for tutoring, but she insists on tutoring her for free.”

Avery fell into deep thought after listening to the bodyguard’s words.

When she got in touch with Katalina just now, she felt that she was a very simple girl.

If she had a palace, she wouldn’t have answered Avery’s question so quickly just now.

Norah was her own cousin after all, no matter whether they knew each other or not, she wouldn’t betray her cousin.

“When she makes up lessons for Layla in the future, you will be watching. Don’t let her have the opportunity to be alone with Layla.” Avery instructed the bodyguard.

“I know. I’ve been watching while she makes up for Layla. So far, she hasn’t shown anything. As long as she dares to show anything unusual to Layla, I’ll take her… The bodyguard said here and made a ‘click’ gesture.

Avery saw that the bodyguard was like a frightened bird, so she said: “Don’t be too obvious. This will startle the snake. If Teacher Larson is not a bad person, we will make her heart cold.”

The bodyguard didn’t care: “My duty is to Protect Layla. As long as you can protect Layla and offend others, I don’t care. “

Avery did not refute.

The bodyguard’s words can’t be faulted.



Wanda participated in the TV station’s second program recording.

This time, in order to make herself even more popular, she made a big splash in the show.

“Tell me something you don’t even dare to think about… I already know who the boss behind the Dream Makers Group is.” Wanda sat on the stage, receiving the gazes of all the guests and the audience, “I put a lot of effort into getting this news! But I’m not sure if my guess is true, so I can’t tell everyone on the show for the time being. When my guess is confirmed, I’ll tell you as soon as possible Everyone.”

“If I say this, will I offend the dreamer’s boss?” Wanda folded her hands and looked at the camera with an apologetic smile, “If the dreamer’s boss can watch this episode, I hope Don’t be angry. We are interested in you mainly because we think you are too powerful and want to pay tribute to you and learn from you. And I won’t say your real name on the show…”

“That’s right, This time, I asked someone to go to Rishawaka to inquire about the owner of the dream maker, and I accidentally got an interesting gossip, and I especially want to share it with you.” Wanda seemed to have changed the topic, “You know that Rishawaka has issued an identity to a virtual person. Is there any evidence?”

Another guest answered curiously: “I have vaguely heard about this matter, but I have no specific understanding.”

“I heard that the virtual person is a robot, with appearance, gender, and age. …… Of course, these are all set for him by the person who developed it. In my opinion, a robot is a robot, how can it be regarded as a real person? Unless…” Wanda said.

“Unless what?” someone answered.

“Unless it is of great use to get an ID card for it. Otherwise, who would bother to get an ID card for a virtual person? Right?” Wanda squinted and said her opinion.

After the show was over, someone streamed the unedited video of the scene.

The employees of the Dream Makers Group saw Wanda’s speech at the scene, and there were many discussions.

–“Isn’t this Wanda just beating around the bush and saying that our boss is that virtual person?”

–“I think she means the same.”

–“Even if our boss is really the avatar, it doesn’t matter. Our real boss must be the engineer who made this avatar!”

–“Who among you sent this video to the boss?”

–“I dare not …I sent the email to the boss the day before yesterday, and the boss has not replied to me yet.”

“Then I will send it! Maybe Wanda, an old woman, can blow up our boss!”

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