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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1963 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1963 by Desirenovel

“Why did you say this suddenly?” Avery looked at her daughter.

“Dad always wanted me to study hard, but I deliberately angered him, didn’t study hard, and failed every exam…” Layla said here, her eyes were red, “I thought my father would Stay with me, no matter how angry I make him, he won’t leave me…I’m so sorry.”

“Layla, don’t cry. Your dad always knew you loved him in your heart. And no matter what. It’s you, Robert, and Hayden, he loves all of you.”

“I know…he never gets mad at us. I really like Dad…I used to be afraid he would know. I like him, so I never say anything like that, woohoo! Mom, I miss Dad so much, I really miss him so much.” Layla plunged her head into her mother’s arms, tears streaming down her face.

Avery handed the soup bowl to Mrs. Cooper, and patted her daughter’s back with her free hand.

“Layla, Mom promises you, Mom will get Dad back. Whether he’s dead or alive, he has to come back to us.”

“I don’t want Dad to die. I want him to come back alive. I can’t live without Dad. I haven’t told him yet, I like him very much, he is a good dad…I never praised him, if he comes back, I must praise him well.” Layla choked.

Avery: “Yeah. Mom too. When he comes back, mom will praise him too.”

Robert looked at her mother hugging her sister and pouted, “I want to hug too.”

Avery immediately stretched out another hand and hugged Robert: “We all have to be strong. Because Dad is also very strong to overcome difficulties now… He must be trying to find a way to come back to us…”

The weekend passed in a flash.

On Monday morning, Avery sent Robert to kindergarten before sending Layla to school.

Katalina didn’t expect that Avery would personally send Layla to school today.

After the two met, Avery took the initiative to say hello to Katalina: “Hello, Ms. Larson. I’m LAyla’s mother Avery. We talked on the phone before.”

Katalina: “Hello, Miss Tate. I heard that something happened to your family.”

“Who did you listen to?” Avery interrupted her.

“I…I listened to my cousin.”

“How did your cousin tell you?” Avery asked.

Katalina was a little nervous when she saw her sharp eyes, “I told my cousin that Layla didn’t seem to be happy these days, so my cousin told me that Layla’s father was gone…”

“Well, your cousin isn’t sad?” Avery answered casually.

She said this because Norah had pursued Elliot before.

“It’s not…my cousin…she is a very rational person. After you returned to Aryadelle, my cousin knew that she had no hope for Elliot.” Katalina said here, the class bell rang, “Miss Tate, it’s class. I’ll take Layla to the classroom first. Regarding Layla’s study, we can contact by mobile phone.”

Katalina’s words kept echoing in her mind.

Elliot disappeared, and his life and death were unknown, but Norah was not sad.

Even if it’s just a normal colleague relationship, it won’t be so heartless, unless it has a grudge against the other party.

Could it be that Norah regarded Elliot as an enemy if she couldn’t get him?

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