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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1960 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1960 by Desirenovel

Only living people can be issued ID cards!

Issuing an ID card to a virtual person?

Who is the person who developed this virtual human? Must have a pivotal position in Rishawaka, right? Otherwise, how to persuade the government to issue ID cards to virtual people?

“Do you know what the name Billy Hadajette means locally?” Because the other party was more interested in this matter, he inquired a lot.

Wanda: “I’m already very dissatisfied with your ability to do things. If you sell things again, I will never look for you again!”

“Ms. Tate, in order to do things for you, I have tried my best, with all kinds of twists and turns…. Rishawaka, ​​if you don’t have a hard relationship at all, you won’t be able to get the list I sent you. You’ve been your wife in Bridgedale for a long time, don’t you understand what’s going on outside?”

Wanda justified the loss and held back her breath: “What does the name of that virtual person mean?”

“This name has two meanings, one means the rising sun, and the other means revenge.”

“Revenge?” Wanda thought Shocked, as if someone was going to ask her for her life.

“I heard about it in Rishawaka. I don’t know what it means. I heard that this virtual person has things that ordinary people have. It also has a special image! It seems to be the image of a man.”

“Oh, Do you know who designed this virtual person?” Wanda became more and more interested in this news.

“How do I know this? I didn’t ask. You only asked me to find someone named Billy, but didn’t ask me to investigate this avatar!”

“Then I’ll pay you more, and you can ask about this avatar again.” Wanda had a strong premonition in her heart.

This virtual person may be the big boss of the Dream Makers Group!

Of course, this virtual man was just launched by the big boss behind the scenes. The real big boss is the one who developed and manipulated this virtual man.

“Ms. Tate, don’t you suspect that the boss of the dream maker is this virtual person? That’s impossible, right? I treat these two things as two things, and I just shared this funny news with you just now.”

“I don’t think it’s funny at all. Sometimes the more impossible things are, the more likely they are the truth.” Wanda said, “I’m more and more curious about who is behind the scenes.”

“Okay.It’s the same price as before, I’ll investigate the background of this avatar for you.”

Wanda: “You’re really a lion!”

“I’m still in Rishawaka, ​​if the price can’t be agreed, then you can find someone else.”

Wanda took a deep breath: “I’ll call you the deposit later! You investigate and tell me as soon as possible.”

“When will you call in the money, and I will start working?”

Wanda hung up the phone and The deposit is paid.

The phone call made her happy. She opened the document that the person had just sent and read it again.

She wondered if her guess was accurate.

If no one else matches, the final result that remains, even if it is bizarre, will be the correct answer.


After Wesley got the contact information of the second young master of MH Medicine, he sent the number directly to Avery.

Avery received the number, thanked him, and asked: [What’s his name?]

Wesley: [His name is Emilio. He had been studying with Professor Hough for a year and never came. You can be forgiven for not being impressed by him.]

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