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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1959 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1959 by Desirenovel

Avery found Wesley’s mobile phone, clicked on his number, and dialed it.

Wesley quickly answered her call.

“Avery, I heard that Hayden returned to Bridgedale today. Has he left?”

“Well. Just left.” Avery said, “Brother Wesley, when I was a graduate student, was there a classmate whose family was from MH Medicine?”

Wesley thought for a moment and replied, ” Yes. At the beginning, Professor Hough didn’t want to accept him, but his father came to see Professor Hough several times, and also asked Professor Hough’s family. Professor Hough couldn’t be bothered, so he accepted him.”

“Brother Wesley, do you have his contact information? I have something to look for.” Avery said eagerly.

“Why are you looking for him? If you insist on looking for him, I can help you find his contact information.” Wesley asked in confusion.

Avery told Wesley her thoughts truthfully.

“I’m going to inquire about that classmate’s contact information.” Wesley felt that her suspicions were not unreasonable.

If Elliot was taken away by a private plane, no matter how hard they checked, it would be difficult to find out the news.


Wanda has been very happy recently. She was a guest on a local TV station a while ago. Because of her straightforward and bold way of speaking, she became popular after the show was broadcast.

The show invited her to be a resident guest, but Wanda was still thinking about it. In addition, the recent encounter between Elliot and Avery made her overjoyed, as if she had a second spring.

Elliot is dead, Avery has no backstage, and it is impossible to ride on her head again in the future.

Wanda no longer has to be afraid of anyone, she can do whatever she wants in the future, and she can say whatever she wants.

Even, it is not impossible for Wanda to return to Aryadelle to start a new business. However, after considering the energy and time needed to start a new business, she decided to agree to the invitation of the TV station to be a resident guest of the talk show.

Mainly because Wanda is not short of money now, even if she does not work in the future, she will be able to spend the rest of her life very nourishing and prosperous.

After Wanda replied to the TV station, the phone received a message. She had asked someone to go to Rishawaka to find out about Billy, but now, the information finally came.

The person who inquired about Billy’s information collected all the people named Billy in Rishawaka, ​​made a large document, and sent it over.

The moment Wanda opened the document, her eyes dazzled.

Angered, she dialed the phone.

“I spent so much money for you to inquire, and you gave me such a result?”

“Ms. Tate, we don’t know which Billy is the boss of the Dream Makers Group! These data, but I got through the Rishawaka. The high-level officials here have obtained their internal data… All the Billys living in Rishawaka have been sent to you.”

“Haha! I just glanced at it, and there are hundreds of Billys! How do you ask me to find it?”

“Hundreds are not too much.” The other party quibble, “You watch dozens of them every day, and you can finish them in less than a week. Not all cats and dogs can meet the conditions, I believe you will soon find it.”

Wanda took a deep breath and wanted to slap him, but felt that what he said was not unreasonable.

“By the way, there is a funny thing.” The other party suddenly smiled and said, “When we were looking for Billy, we found that Rishawaka also issued an ID card to a virtual person.”

“Virtual person?” Wanda looked surprised, “What virtual human?”

“It’s a robot! The funny thing is, this robot is also called Billy. Its full name is Billy Hadajette.”

“Billy Hadajette?” Wanda raised a doubt in her heart.

This Billy Hadajette…is a virtual person, but was issued an ID card by the government of Rishawaka!

What a ridiculous thing!

But…after thinking about it, Wanda feels creepy again.

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