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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1958 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1958 by Desirenovel

The assistant answered immediately: “Ms. Jones, what do you mean?”

“She overheard me on the phone beforeā€¦ Obviously she overheard at the door of my room on purpose, but she said she was listening accidentally.” After that, Norah turned on the music on her mobile phone in the bedroom, and she couldn’t hear the sound when she walked to the living room.

Only standing outside her bedroom door could she hear a single sound.

“Maybe she is more curious!” The assistant said, “she is your cousin, not Avery’s cousin. I believe she is on your side.”

“I’m uncomfortable, but her mouth is sweet.” Norah felt that she might be thinking too much, “It’s mainly because I didn’t know her well before, but she was even less familiar with Avery.”

The assistant: “Anyway, you are relatives. The previous generation, your parents are familiar!”

Norah: “Yeah.”

“Ms. Jones, did she overhear something very important?” The assistant asked.

Norah became more awake and said lazily, “It’s not too important, but I pay more attention to privacy.”

The assistant: “That’s fine.”

“Well.” Norah hung up the phone and walked towards the room.

Elliot hasn’t heard from him for so long, most likely he’s dead.

Although Avery is not dead, there has been no news of her recently.

Losing her beloved, she is more uncomfortable living now than dying.

Thinking of this, Norah’s mouth raised a smug smile.

Foster family.

After a week of recuperation, Avery was no longer in a wheelchair.

Hayden saw that his mother was almost recovering, so he was ready to leave for Bridgedale.

“Mom, you are resting at home, I will go to the airport by myself.” Hayden put on his schoolbag and was ready to go out.

“I’ll take you to the airport!” Avery was reluctant to part with his son, but Hayden’s studies and the dream maker group are both in Bridgedale, and Hayden must go back.

“Mom, when I go back to Bridgedale, I will send someone to find Elliot in Bridgedale.” Hayden promised his mother.


“Mom, stay at home and don’t run around, okay?” Hayden was afraid that Avery would run around to find Elliot.

Her body is just recovering now, and if something happens again, her body will definitely not be able to bear it.

“Hayden, you don’t have to worry about me so much.” Avery accompanies his son to the car, “I will be more careful in my work in the future, and I won’t let the bad guys take advantage of it again.”

Hayden heard the meaning of his mother’s words.

After sending Hayden to the airport, Avery returned home.

When she came back from Yonroeville, Chad said that he would check the special plane that stopped in Yonroeville on the days when the accident happened.

Today, Chad sent her the form.

Chad not only found out the model and flight number of the special plane, but also the owners of these private planes.

Avery looked at the form, and one of the special planes was from Bridgedale, but the special plane stayed in Yonroeville for a few days when they had an accident.

The owner of this private jet is the owner of a pharmaceutical group in Bridgedale.

Avery frowned.

This pharmaceutical group is well-known in Bridgedale, and Avery heard of its name a long time ago.

She seems to know someone who is related to this pharmaceutical group.

Sitting on the sofa, Avery thought about it for a while, and gradually remembered that when she was a graduate student, there was a classmate who was called Young Master because his father was the boss of that pharmaceutical group.

But Avery couldn’t remember the male classmate’s name and appearance, let alone the male classmate’s contact information.

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