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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1951 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1951 by Desirenovel

Avery didn’t hear the doctor’s advice. All she heard was ‘you were the only one rescued’ and ‘they haven’t found Mr. Foster’.

Why is this happening?

She and Elliot were clearly trapped in the basement together. Why did they only rescue her but not Elliot?

After she was transferred to the general ward, Ben Schaffer and Chad stood by the hospital bed, looking at her expectantly.

Her bodyguard suddenly ‘thumped’ and knelt in front of her hospital bed.

“Boss! I’m sorry! I didn’t protect you! I almost lost your life!” The bodyguard said, crying.

Ben Schaffer and Chad looked at the bodyguard with a look of astonishment.

Avery’s attention was forcibly attracted.

“Boss, it’s fortunate that you didn’t die! Fortunately, you survived! Otherwise, I’ll be to blame!” The bodyguard cried and wiped away tears.

Chad glanced at Avery’s face, and then reprimanded the bodyguard in a low voice: “She has just been transferred from the intensive care unit, and no one is awake yet. You are so noisy, you are not afraid to scare her out?”

Ben Schaffer hair hurts: “You go out first. Don’t come in without orders.”

The bodyguard immediately got up from the ground and said to Avery with a look of guilt: “Boss, I’m going to guard outside. You can call me at any time if you have anything.”

After the bodyguard left, the ward door is closed.

Hayden was called by the doctor, so now only Ben Schaffer and Chad were watching Avery in the ward.

“The doctor said that you only rescued me out? What’s going on?” Avery looked at the two of them while holding back his grief.

“When we entered the basement, you were the only one inside.” Ben Schaffer said, “There are two exits in the basement. The exit on the manhole cover was welded to death. The other exit was locked from the outside. Avery, listen. What do you mean by what you just said, before you passed out, you were trapped in the basement with Elliot, right?”

Avery choked and said hoarsely, “Well. The woman who exposed the corpse pit is called Sasha. She tricked me and Elliot into that basement… She said that Haze was in that basement, so we both went down. After we went down, we found that we were cheated. When we wanted to go out, we found that the exit was blocked. “

When Avery said this, tears fell.

“It’s almost as I guessed. There must be someone behind this Sasha. They must have taken Elliot away.” Ben Schaffer gritted his teeth, “Avery, take care of your illness, we will do our best to find Elliot.

The light in it dissipated little by little.

Now Avery doesn’t even know who is behind Sasha, how can she imagine Elliot’s current situation?

Thinking of the grief, Avery seemed to be strangled and breathless.

After seeing the doctor, Hayden entered the ward. Seeing that his mother was crying, he immediately trotted to the bedside.

“Mom! Don’t cry!”

Hayden took the tissue from Chad, trying to wipe his mother’s tears.

But Avery pushed his hand away.

“…I’m going to find Elliot…I want to see his person, but I want to see his body…” Avery grabbed Elliot’s white shirt, Put it on her lips and hide the cry.

Even though his clothes were already dirty, there was still his breath on them. This was the only thing he had left for her before he disappeared.

“Mom, Uncle Schaffer and Uncle Nick have already sent someone to look for him.” Hayden sat down beside the hospital bed, pulled his mother’s hand away from his face, and gently wiped the tears on her face with a tissue in the other hand. “I’ve booked a special plane to return to Bridgedale today. I’ll take you home first.”

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