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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1949 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1949 by Desirenovel

Even if Elliot hugged her, she still felt uncontrollably cold.

Finally, Elliot took off his shirt and put it on for her.

She smelled his familiar breath, which made her feel much better. But even with Elliot accompanying her, she couldn’t help being afraid of despair.

She was unwilling to die like this. She finally cleared up all misunderstandings with Elliot. She wanted to go back to the sun with Elliot, to live with him and raise her children well… In her dream, she kept on Weeping, she kept calling Elliot’s name, but in the end, she watched Elliot fall down in front of her.

Elliot gave her the clothes, so he froze to death.


The news that Avery was found had already reached Norah Jones’s ears.

Although Norah is not in Yonroeville, she has been paying attention to the situation in Yonroeville.

On the day Avery was found, she did not receive any news.

She only got the news when the bungalow was razed to the ground. She heard that they only found Avery in the basement, but not Elliot, Norah Jones lost sleep for two days.

She let Elliot and Avery be trapped in the basement together, and blocked their way out, so how did Elliot disappear?

She couldn’t figure out what happened. She contacted her bribe in Yonroeville and asked what the situation was.

The other party replied to her that everything was done according to what she said at the beginning, the matter was done, the money was received, and the rest was unknown.

Norah Jones believed that the other party did not lie, because apart from her, few people dared to kill Elliot.

But now Elliot is left, and she doesn’t know who took Elliot away.

She doesn’t know if the person who took him killed him or… saved him.

At present, the people around Elliot are looking for him in Yonroeville, which means that most of the people who took him were not to save him.

Leaving aside this incident, although Avery was rescued from the basement, she had been starving for six days in the basement…

People can go without food for six days, but can they go without water for six days?

Norah Jones consulted the doctor, and the doctor told her that the average person will die of dehydration without food and water for six days.

Norah Jones was very satisfied with the doctor’s answer.

Although Elliot’s whereabouts are unknown, Avery’s death will be a happy event.

Even if Elliot came back after a while, for Norah Jones, the sky wouldn’t fall.

At most, she will continue to curry favor with him.

Without Avery, which woman is more suitable for Elliot than her?

The phone rang, Norah Jones picked up the phone, saw that the call was from Yonroeville, and immediately picked it up.

“Ms. Jones, Avery is awake.”

Norah Jones was stunned when she heard this. The delicate face, as if frozen, is very stiff.

“Ms. Jones, did you hear what I said? Avery woke up today.” The person over the phone continued, “I didn’t think she would survive, but after staying in the intensive care unit for a few days, she miraculously came alive.”

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