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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1948 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1948 by Desirenovel

The doctor thought that after he raised his voice, Avery would be able to hear what he said and answer.

But after his words were settled, Avery closed her eyes.

After a while, the doctor came out of the intensive care unit.

“Doctor, how is my mother?” Hayden said first, “Doctor, did she speak? Is she conscious? When can she be transferred to the general ward?” Chad followed closely.

The doctor smiled and replied, “She opened her eyes and closed them again. However, her physical indications are already out of danger.”

“Why did she close her eyes again?” Chad was worried, “Then when will she wake up again?”

“She will wake up again at any time.” The doctor replied, “You can just leave one or two people in the hospital. Let the others go back to rest! When she wakes up again, it should be fine. I’ve been transferred to the general ward.” After the doctor finished speaking, Ben Schaffer breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hayden, go back to the hotel and have a good rest. The doctor said that your mother will be fine.”

This was the only surprise in the bad news.

In the past few days, Nick has sent people to raze the bungalow to the ground.

The basement below the bungalow was also demolished.

Everything that was dark was exposed to the sun.

The police carefully excavated every inch below, and there was no Elliot at all.

Avery was in a coma, Sasha and Elliot were eft, and this case stopped.

“I’m right here.” Hayden had to wait for her mother to wake up, to see her transferred to the general ward with her own eyes, and to talk to her mother before she could rest in peace.

Chad looked at Ben Schaffer: “Brother Ben, go back to the hotel to rest! Hayden and I are waiting here.”

Ben Schaffer: “I’m not tired! I want to wait for Avery to wake up and ask her where Elliot is.”

The two bodyguards saw them arguing, so they said, “Go back to the hotel to rest! We are here to watch. Let’s go.”

Everyone’s eyes flicked to the two of them.

“If you two didn’t talk, I could restrain myself from scolding you.” Chad vented his anger, “If it wasn’t for your negligence, this tragedy would never have happened! As long as you can find out what happened to them earlier, things may turn around! You two should be d*mned!”

The two bodyguards bowed their heads in reproach.

“Okay, Chad, stop scolding. This is a hospital. It’s noisy and it won’t affect it well.” Ben Schaffer reminded him when someone looked at them.

“Chad, do you dare to disobey Elliot’s order?” Avery’s bodyguard dared to speak after a moment of silence, “We don’t want this to happen either. We don’t want to neglect our work. The next morning we came here, We both called them, and they both said in unison that we would not let us go to them. If it were you, what would you do?”

Elliot’s bodyguard dragged him and told him to stop talking.

“My boss wakes up immediately. If my boss blames me for dereliction of duty, then I admit that I dereliction of duty. If my boss doesn’t blame me, you have no right to blame me. I’ve been by my boss’s side for so many years, and I don’t want her to have an accident more than anyone else. I have the ability to predict and know that she will be in danger, so I will definitely be the first to rush in front of her.” Because Avery is no longer in danger, Avery’s bodyguard said this, and no one attacked him.

But Elliot’s bodyguard was in a different mood.

Elliot was left, and he was more likely to be killed. Even if no one pointed at his forehead and scolded him all the time, he still blamed himself so much that he didn’t dare to take a deep breath.

“Your boss is Avery, of course Avery won’t blame you.” Ben Schaffer said, “but the nature of our work is different from yours. This is not Aryadelle, and abroad, even if the boss offers to not need protection but as a dutiful bodyguard, you should also follow secretly. Of course, it’s too late to say this now.”

Ben Schaffer said this and looked at Elliot’s bodyguard: “You come back to the hotel with me.”

In the intensive care unit, Avery had a dream.

Not long after she closed her eyes, she dreamed that she was back in the basement. She was extremely cold because of hunger.

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