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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1946 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1946 by Desirenovel

The bodyguard saw Hayden’s fierce look about to rush over, and immediately fled away in despair.

Ben Schaffer and Chad pulled Hayden to calm him down.

“Hayden, sit down for a while. Your mother must be fine. She is a doctor, and she knows how to save herself in such an extremely harsh environment. We have to trust her.” Chad pulled Hayden into the chair and sat down.

Ben Schaffer took out a tissue and handed it to Hayden.

“I think the same as your Uncle Chad. Your mother is definitely fine. I just don’t know your father…”

“I don’t care about him, I just want my mother to wake up!” Hayden only has his mother in his heart now.

“But your sister and brother care about him.” Ben Schaffer knew about this topic, but Hayden didn’t like to hear it. “If the two of them knew that Dad had an accident, they would definitely be sad. Now you are the only one at home… You…”

“Brother Ben, don’t talk about this for now. Let’s wait for Avery to come out and talk about it!” Chad felt that this topic was too cruel for a child of Hayden’s age.

Even if Elliot and Avery were really killed, Mike was still there.

Mike will definitely take care of them.

Thinking of Mike, as if there is a response in the dark, Mike’s phone calls.

Chad took his mobile phone and walked to the safety exit next to him.

After picking up the phone, Mike’s voice came: “What’s the situation on your side now? Call Hayden, but he didn’t answer. I sent you a message, but you didn’t reply…”

“I found it.” Chad put his hand on his forehead and said with a headache, “Avery is in the emergency room now.”

“Great! I knew Hayden would find them!” Mike’s voice came in surprise.

“Without them.” Chad choked his throat, “only found Avery.”

Mike: “What do you mean? Didn’t they both disappear together? Why aren’t they together?”

“I don’t know…I don’t know what happened. They both disappeared with the female prisoner. But now only I found Avery. Mike, where did my boss and that female prisoner go?” Chad had a severe headache.

“How can I guess this? Didn’t you say that Avery was rescuing? When she wakes up, ask her to find out.” Mike said, “I really want to go and see!”

“I don’t know if Avery can be rescued. …..Nick’s bodyguard said that her body was already cold.” Chad said this with tears in his eyes, “It’s just that we don’t want to accept this result. It’s like all the facts show that my boss is definitely dead, but As long as I don’t see his body, I can’t accept the fact that he is dead.”

“Fck! Fck!” Mike cursed twice, his fingers holding the phone, trembling.

Although he had imagined the worst possibility, but hearing Chad say it, the pain in his heart was overwhelming.

Chad told Mike everything he saw in the basement just now.

“I don’t know who kept them in the basement? Nick said that this modus operandi is not like that of the criminal gang. But I can’t guess who planned this.” Chad said.

“If Nick can’t guess, I can’t guess! Have you read the information about the female prisoner? I think this matter must have something to do with the female prisoner! The two of them were led by the female prisoner!” Mike’s words reminded Chad.

“I’ll ask Nick to investigate the information about the female prisoner!”

In a blink of an eye, four hours passed.

It was completely dark outside.

Darkness shrouded the entire city, making people unable to see light and hope.

The door to the emergency room suddenly opened and paramedics came out.

“The patient is in a critical condition and must be transferred to the intensive care unit.” After the doctor finished speaking, he asked, “Who are the family members? Come with me, you need to sign an informed letter.”

Hayden immediately followed the doctor and walked towards the office and asked, “Doctor, how is my mother?”

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