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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1944 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1944 by Desirenovel

This basement is the same as the room on the ground. There are no compartments. From the beginning to the end, anyone can see all the conditions in the basement.

“Boss, I didn’t see Mr. Foster!” The bodyguard reported to Nick.

Ben Schaffer and Chad also walked around the entire basement.

This basement has no compartments at all, however, it has another passage.

“There’s a very narrow exit there!” Chad told Nick what he found.

Nick immediately asked the bodyguard to check it out.

After about twenty minutes, the bodyguard climbed up and down again.

“Boss, the exit is blocked! I can’t open the lid at all!”

“Go outside and see what’s going on at the exit!” Nick confessed.

After the bodyguard went out to find another exit, Nick looked at Ben Schaffer and Chad: “Let’s go outside! I’ll let someone go down and search it carefully! It’s really impossible, raze the bungalow above to the ground and the basement below, it was exposed directly, looking for inch by inch…”

Ben Schaffer frowned, puzzled: “Except when Elliot is left, the female prisoner is left too.”

“Yes! I’m thinking about this too. What’s going on! I don’t know Avery…” Nick said here, hesitant to say anything.

He doesn’t know if Avery is dead or alive, but Hayden reacted too quickly just now. After he saw Avery, he took Avery away.

Outsiders have no chance to ask questions, let alone probe Avery’s breath.

“Avery is definitely still alive.” Chad murmured, “It’s only six days…not six months…”

Nick and Ben Schaffer looked at him and muttered to themselves. Chad looks like he’s embarrassed to take his words.

For six days without eating or drinking, staying in this closed and dark environment, even if she’s still alive, She’s prone to mental problems.

They came out of the basement and went outside.

A bodyguard came over with two jammers: “Boss, I found several jammers! It’s in the grass near here!”

“Fck!” Ben Schaffer took the jammer and glanced at it, then Angrily, he threw the shield on the ground and smashed it with his feet, “No wonder they can’t be contacted! Who is it?! Who locked them in the basement below?! I want to kill these bstards!”

Nick twisted, frowned and looked at the signal jammer that was smashed on the ground: “It shouldn’t be a member of that criminal gang. If it was really a member of that gang, do you think they would use this method?”

“Who would that be?” Ben Schaffer asked back.

“I don’t know…but I have a feeling that this is not what the criminal gang did! The criminal gang has been taken over long ago. Except for the female accomplice who escaped, the other main culprits were shot!” Mick said, “If the criminal gang met Elliot and Avery, they would have been brutally murdered long ago. I don’t think Avery had any trauma.”

When Nick said this, Chad’s mind flashed. Pass a white light.

“Avery seems to be wearing my boss’s shirt!” Chad exclaimed at Ben Schaffer like he was electrocuted, “Brother Ben! Did you see it just now? The white shirt on Avery belongs to my boss!”

Ben Schaffer only glanced at Avery’s face at that time, but didn’t pay attention to Avery’s clothes. “I saw she was wearing white clothes…”

“That’s the boss’s shirt! Because Avery doesn’t have such a big shirt!” Chad’s scalp was numb, and tears flashed in his eyes.

After a while, a bodyguard ran over and reported to Nick: “Boss, another exit from the basement is the manhole cover that leads directly to the ground. But that manhole cover was welded to death!”

Chad’s ankles softened and he fell directly into Ben Schaffer’s arms.

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