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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1942 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1942 by Desirenovel

Others got off the bus with him. Hayden switched the system to the iPad.

Holding his iPad, he strode towards the red dot shown on the map.

Chad looked at the desolate surroundings, his eyes couldn’t help turning red.

“This area is the stronghold of that criminal gang.” Nick had been to this area before, “It is very deserted, and most people don’t usually come here.”

“It is estimated that the people of that criminal gang are not dead yet, so they created it. This kidnapping case.” Ben Schaffer answered.

Ben Schaffer told his guess, Chad couldn’t help crying.

“Chad, this is just my guess, don’t cry yet.” Ben Schaffer didn’t want it to be his own guess.

Because if that’s the case, Elliot and Avery can’t be alive.

“Ben Schaffer, I think your guess makes sense.” Nick followed them along the rough dirt road with difficulty, “Except for the criminal gang who knows this, no one else will come this sh*t place.”

Chad took off his glasses and raised his hand to wipe away his tears.

“Okay, don’t cry.” Ben Schaffer patted Chad’s shoulder, “Maybe there will be a miracle? You forgot that he turned into a vegetative state in a car accident, and invited many experts, all of whom said he would not live long, but he was tough. He woke up by his own willpower.”

Chad remembered this, and immediately took a deep breath: “Well. I haven’t seen their bodies yet, maybe there is a miracle.”

The group walked for about half an hour and came to the bungalow that was flooded with weeds.

“It’s here.” Hayden looked at the house in front of him and frowned, “My mother is inside!”

Nick immediately looked at the accompanying bodyguard: “Go in and search!”

A team of bodyguards immediately circled the bungalow and found the only entrance on the ground.

The iron door was locked.

A bodyguard pulled out a pistol, broke the door lock, and kicked open the iron door!

After the iron gate was kicked open, several bodyguards rushed in immediately.

After inspecting the room, the leading bodyguard ran out.

“Boss, there is no one inside.”

Everyone was stunned.

“My mother’s cell phone is here!” Hayden said, striding towards the bungalow.

Others followed into the bungalow.

It is covered with spider webs, and the naked eye can see dust floating in the air.

Although it was daytime, the light inside was dim because there were few windows in the house.

Everyone turned on their flashlights and started looking for their phones in every corner of the room.

“This house is so weird… just one door.” Ben Schaffer walked back and forth in the house, walked to Chad, and whispered, “It’s like a prison cell.”

“Well. After all, it’s a criminal gang. They must be afraid of someone escaping.” Chad analyzed, “As long as I don’t see my boss’s body, I won’t admit that something happened to the two of them.”

Ben Schaffer touched his chin and thought about it: “You Say whether there is a dark room or something in this house. Look at the old house we passed by, there is a big corpse pit. Do you think it is possible that there is such a pit here?”

Nick heard the two of them talking, and immediately Come over, “Can’t you speak louder? There are no outsiders here.”

“Boss Nick, I think there may also be a corpse pit here… You don’t mean that this gang and the corpse pit are both from this criminal gang. Is there a stronghold?” Ben Schaffer told Nick of his conjecture.

Nick looked around and said, “Have you seen the seal at the door? The police have been here before. They should have found nothing.”

“The corpse pit, the police didn’t find it either! It’s not that the female prisoner was exposed later. Only then did I know…”

“What you said makes sense.” Nick said to his bodyguard, “Have you found Avery’s mobile phone?”

“Boss, I haven’t found it yet!” The bodyguard replied loudly.

At this time, Ben Schaffer speculated again: “Is it possible that her mobile phone is… underground?”

No wonder Ben Schaffer speculated, because the space on the ground was unobstructed.

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