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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1938 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1938 by Desirenovel


Tate Industries.

Norah Jones has been paying close attention to the news of Yonroeville these days.

It’s just that the Internet did not reveal what she wanted to know.

In fact, there is no suspense about this.

Elliot and Avery were blocked in the basement of the dilapidated house in the suburbs.

She sent someone to put a jammer there. It is conceivable that the two of them are in the basement, calling someone not to be, and to earth not working.

One exit is locked, the other is welded, and the two of them have no other way out but to die!

Counting the days, today is the fourth day that Elliot and Avery have been blocked in the basement.

Can a person live four days without eating or drinking?

The answer varies from person to person.

Elliot has a strong physique and may not be dead yet, but Avery’s body looks much weaker.

Presumably Avery is dead.

Thinking of Avery’s death, Norah Jones was in a good mood.

Soon, the Tate Industries will be able to change its name.

She was already thinking about what to change her name to.

At that time, the new name of the company was called ‘Jones Industires’.

“Ms. Jones, what are you thinking, smiling so happily?” The assistant knocked on the door and walked in. Seeing Norah Jones’s bright smile, he also laughed, “Vice-president Locklyn of Sterling Group said he would stop by, so I will give you the contract. I brought it.”

Norah Jones immediately got up from the office chair.

“Invite him in!”

Vice President Locklyn stood outside the door. Hearing Norah’s voice, he immediately pushed open the door and walked in.

“Norah Jones, I took the liberty to come here, didn’t I bother you?” Vice President Locklyn walked to the chair in front of her desk with the contract in his hand, “I happened to be passing by, so I brought the contract here.

” Even if I’m too busy right now, I’ll definitely have time to see you.” Norah Jones pushed the hair behind her ear, “Mr. Locklyn, would you like coffee or tea? If you’re not in a hurry, I want to talk to you about more.”

“Okay! I’m not too busy today.” Vice President Locklyn said, and said to Assistant, “What kind of tea do you have here?”

The assistant: “We have some kinds of tea here. But A good batch of green tea just arrived the day before yesterday. It’s the best tea ever.”

“Then drink that tea!” Vice President Locklyn retracted his gaze, glanced at the contract, and handed it to Norah Jones, “You are sure you want it well. “

I’m sure. It’s been more than a month since I first met Elliot to discuss this matter.” Norah Jones came out of the desk, “Mr. Locklyn, let’s come over here for a dip. Tea, talk while drinking tea.”

“Well. Have you contacted Elliot in the past two days? I’ve called him in the past two days, but I can’t get through.” Vice President Locklyn guessed, “I wonder if he is with Avery. he was too happy, so he turned off his phone. I was too embarrassed to keep contacting him.”

“I also called him, but he didn’t get through. I don’t know if the signal in Yonroeville is not good.” Norah Jones said and turned on the phone and glanced at it, “I sent him a message a few days ago, but he didn’t reply.”

“It’s okay, I have full authority to sign with you on his behalf. He told me before he went to Yonroeville. Vice President Locklyn said, “I have signed and stamped the contract.”

“Since you have signed and stamped, do you regret asking me?” Norah Jones picked up the contract with a smile and glanced at it.

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