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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1937 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1937 by Desirenovel

Behind this car, a car has been following.

Nick looked back and saw a black car.

Nick praised, “It’s rare for you to be so comprehensive at such a young age. If you need any help from me, let me know at any time. I sent someone to the corpse pit to check it out today. The people on the side said that your parents haven’t been there for the past two days.”


After Nick sent Hayden to the location where the base station was built, he stared at it for a while.

Hayden brought a lot of people, and these people transported various equipment and materials from the car from the car, and then began to build the base station.

Everything was in order and orderly.

And Hayden is beside… the supervisor.

After Nick realized that he underestimated Hayden, he didn’t dare to talk to him at all.

After all, what Nick wants to say is probably all nonsense to Hayden.

Hayden is now focused on building the base station and finding Avery’s whereabouts.

Nick was sweating profusely outside, returned to the car, and asked the driver to drive the car home.

On the way back, Nick couldn’t hold back and called Chad.

“Boss Nick, I called Hayden just now, and he said that he was with you… I really caused you trouble…” Chad said apologetically, “I’ll pick him up later.”

“Why are you picking him up? He won’t go with you.” Nick chuckled softly, “He brought a lot of people here, do you know what he’s doing now?”

“Ah? Did he bring a lot of people?” Chad didn’t know anything about it. Mike didn’t tell him anything.

“I’ll send you an address, go and see for yourself.” Nick hung up the phone and sent Chad the address of the base station.

After Chad received the address, he immediately brought his bodyguards and went over together.

After arriving at the destination, Chad met Hayden.

Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, instead of looking for Hayden, he took out his mobile phone, took a picture of the scene in front of him, and sent it to Mike.

Before Mike could reply, he placed a video call to Mike.

“Did you hide something from me?” Chad looked at the scene in front of him and couldn’t imagine what Hayden was doing.

Mike didn’t sleep well and was very haggard: “Hayden is building a base station! Avery has a positioning chip in his mobile phone, and Yonroeville has no base station, so the positioning of the chip cannot be found. Now as long as the base station is built, he can search for Avery’s whereabouts.”

“Oh…that’s it!” Chad breathed a sigh of relief, “Great! If the base station is built, we can know their whereabouts, then…the base station is built. How long will it take?”

“About three days!”

“It’s been so long… If you add more people and work around the clock, can you be faster?” Chad was afraid that the longer the delay, the more difficult it would be to undo things.

“This is already the time it takes to stop day and night.” Mike said, “You are responsible for keeping an eye on Hayden now, and you must ensure that he has time to rest every day. Don’t Avery fail to find him, he will exhaust himself first. “

“Got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Chad felt that he had seen a little light.

However, it is strange that Hayden should do such an important thing as building a base station.

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