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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1934 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1934 by Desirenovel

Nick yawned, “Not yet. I only found out that the two of them came to Yonroeville last night. The corpse pit is in the far suburbs, and there are always staff working there. Their bodyguards I spent a day at the corpse pit yesterday, and I didn’t say that Elliot and Avery had been there.”

Chad felt sad: “Boss Nick, who do you think will attack my boss and Avery?”

“I can’t guess. I thought about it all night last night and couldn’t sleep. I called my second and fourth brothers and they were shocked. Elliot and I have the best personal relationship, but the relationship between them is the best. It’s not bad! The two of them are not in Yonroeville at the moment, but after hearing about Elliot’s incident, if there is anything they can help, feel free to speak up.”

Nick said this to tell Chad –

if anyone dares to come here This land attacked Elliot, and all he could think of was the second and fourth.

But in fact, the two of them had no motive to attack Elliot.

“I heard that there is also a female prisoner who disappeared together. Has the female prisoner not been found yet?” Chad got off the plane and turned it on, and saw the detailed information that Mike sent him.

He always found this to be rather odd.

If it wasn’t Elliot and Avery who were missing, Chad would definitely think it was a kidnapping case.

But how could a female prisoner kidnap Elliot and Avery?

Nick said, “No. There must be a conspiracy behind this. Elliot and Avery are together, and there may be a force on the female prisoner’s side. If not, how could the three of them have an accident? The car they rented was found at the train station. But the console of the car was damaged. This can’t be done by Elliot and Avery?

After the news, his face turned pale.

If it weren’t for sitting on the sofa, he would definitely be unsteady now.

After chatting with Nick, Chad called Mike back.

“Chad, what’s the situation over there now?” Mike didn’t sleep a night.

If it wasn’t for Layla and Robert by his side, Mike would definitely go to Yonroeville with Chad.

“The console of the car they rented at the hotel was damaged. Although there was no blood on the car, they must have been kidnapped! The kidnappers didn’t contact us, which means that the kidnappers were not for money… .. Nick suspects that they were killed.” Chad said here, couldn’t help choking, “I don’t know what to do now! There is no clue, no one can find them…”

On the other side of the phone, After Mike answered Chad’s call, Mike’s cell phone was snatched by Hayden.

After Hayden heard Chad’s words, his face was ashen and his expression was gloomy!

He returned the phone to Mike.

“You are watching my sister and brother at home, I will go to Yonroeville to find my mother!” After Hayden finished speaking, he immediately returned to his room to pack his things.

Not long after, Hayden came out of the room with a backpack on his back.

“Hayden, didn’t you implant a positioning chip in your mother’s mobile phone?” Mike suddenly remembered this, “Have you searched her mobile phone for positioning?”

“There is no signal in Yonroeville. We have to go there and build a special one. Only the base station can find my mother’s signal.” After Hayden finished speaking, he left without looking back.

The reason why he didn’t go with Chad last night was because he needed to arrange everything in advance.

Now that he has fully deployed, he will be able to find his mother’s mobile phone in Yonroeville within three days at most.

As long as you find the mother’s mobile phone, you can see all the whereabouts of the mother in the past few days.

Even if my mother is no longer with her mobile phone, she can find out what happened to her through her whereabouts.

After Hayden went out, Mike called Chad.

“Hayden is leaving for Yonroeville now.”

Chad frowned: “What is Hayden doing here? Isn’t he going to school? He can’t help if he comes, you can’t let his temper come.”

“You don’t have to worry about snacks. Come on! He’s going, who can stop him?” Mike said lightly, “Besides, he passed and didn’t look for you again.”

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