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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1918 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1918 by Desirenovel

Avery took Elliot, walked aside, and whispered, “I have seen the woman. The last time I came to Yonroeville, she told me that Haze was sold to Aryadelle.”

“There is no evidence that Haze was sold to Aryadelle. She may have lied to you.” Elliot replied in a low voice.

“Why did she lie to me? Since she knows the corpse pit, it shows that she really knows a lot of things…” Avery said, “She should have recognized me too. She told me about Haze’s News, in exchange, she asked me to give her euthanasia drugs, but I didn’t give it in the end, she must hate me.”

Elliot glanced at the woman.

The woman looked in Avery’s direction with hatred on her face.

“Why don’t you go out first and I’ll chat with her.” Elliot said to Avery.

“Okay. You can decide. If she doesn’t want to say anything, then forget it.” Avery said this because she felt that she had already asked the woman the answer she wanted to know.

After all the bones in the corpse pit have been tested for DNA, if there is no bones of Haze, then continue to go back to Aryadelle to find them.

After Avery went out, the door was closed.

Elliot sat down opposite the woman.

The woman said vigilantly, “You two are in the same group. She lied to me before. She was embarrassed to talk to me, right?”

“You asked her for a large dose of sleeping pills, how would she give you? Euthanasia in Yonroeville is illegal.” Elliot explained to Avery.

“Then why did she agree to me? You went back on her word, and you defended her! You two are indeed the same people!” The woman blushed with excitement, “Why are you two coming to me?”

“We want to ask you if you know the whereabouts of our daughter Haze. You told her last time that Haze might be in Aryadelle.” When Elliot said this, the conversation changed, “You’re lying to her, right? When I took down your gang, I asked all the people in your gang. And I gave a huge temptation, and I didn’t ask my daughter’s whereabouts.”

The expression on the woman’s face was a little embarrassed.

“Since you lied to her too, what right do you have to say she lied to you?” Elliot got the answer from her expression, “I’ll ask you one last time, do you know the whereabouts of my daughter Haze! If you know, As long as you tell me the real clues, I will definitely keep you safe and rich, and if you dare to lie to me, I will make your life worse than death.”

The woman’s expression was a little tangled after hearing Elliot’s words.

If only she knew Haze’s whereabouts!

However, The woman really didn’t know Haze… She didn’t even meet Haze at all, so how could she provide Elliot with useful clues?

She really wanted to live, she wanted to leave Yonroeville and wanted to live a peaceful and rich life, but she didn’t dare to deceive Elliot.

Now, she has only one path to choose. If she doesn’t want to die, she can only take the risk.

“Elliot, you are really amazing.” The woman looked admiring, “I did lie to her.”

Elliot: “Don’t mention this again. You just need to tell me whether you know my daughter Haze or not. “

“I know.” The woman took a deep breath and lowered her voice, “If I tell you, can you really help me get out?”

Elliot narrowed his eagle eyes and looked puzzled. Avery asked her: “Since you know my daughter’s whereabouts, why didn’t you tell me before?!”

“Elliot, not everyone knows you. Besides, I already escaped, why should I believe you?” The woman said calmly, “It’s my luck that I got caught anyway.”

“Where is my daughter?! Where is she?” Elliot’s uncontrollable cry came outside the door.

Hearing his voice, Avery immediately opened the door and strode in.

She walked to Elliot, glanced at the woman opposite, then looked at Elliot, wondering, “what’s the matter?”

“Avery, you lied to me last time, but I also lied to you.” The woman looked at Avery’s face said word by word, “your daughter is still in Yonroeville. I know where she is. I can take you there, but I have a request.”

“What request?!” Elliot and Avery in unison.

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