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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1913 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1913 by Desirenovel

Elliot: “Well. They all seem to have died when you were young.”

“My grandfather died when I was four years old, and my grandmother was grief-stricken because of my grandfather’s death, which caused the aggravation of various chronic diseases in the body, In the end, she died of pain.” Avery said this, her eyes could not help moistening, “Before they died, I was protected by someone at home, and I didn’t suffer any hardships. As soon as my grandparents left, Wanda was unscrupulous.”

“Why did grandpa die?” Elliot looked into her eyes distressedly.

Seeing the tears in the corners of her eyes, Elliot stretched out his hand reflexively.

Avery pushed his hand away and wiped away her tears: “My grandpa suddenly fell and injured his brain, and he was not rescued. I remembered it very clearly, when my father took me to the hospital to see grandpa for the last time, I was hope that I can cure him. Let him continue to be by my side and protect me.”

“Avery, don’t be sad. Your grandparents must be watching you from the sky now and continue to protect you.” Elliot held her hand and continued Going forward, “There’s bound to be a lot of dark things happening where we can’t see, but on the bright side, there’s also a lot of good things happening. If our daughter is alive and dead, and if the person who adopted her is a good person.. …it’s all possible.”

“You’re self-deception and self-paralysis.” While exposing him, Avery pulled her hand out of his big palm, “I’m not cold, why are you holding my hand? “

“Can you pull me when it’s cold?” Elliot asked back.

“Don’t be a bull’s-eye.” Avery gave him a deep look, looked at his face, and asked, “I have a boyfriend, and you are still like this, do you want to know what to do with you?”

“Aren’t you and your boyfriend married yet? Since you are not married, your relationship is not protected by the law.” Elliot defended himself, “If other people fall in love, if they are in a different place, they basically keep their mobile phones with them and send messages and calls to their partners every day. Why didn’t I see your boyfriend calling you?”

Avery didn’t expect Elliot to be so scheming that he was secretly observing her ‘love’.

“You should also know that my boyfriend is very busy. Unlike you, when it comes to love, you don’t care about work. If I remember correctly, I said you were a love-brainer before.” Avery scolded him.

Elliot twitched the corners of his mouth, “If this makes you happier, then I won’t refute you.”

“Don’t talk like you are too big. The reason why you don’t refute me is because you can’t refute at all. “Avery raised her chin and confronted him, “You are the brain of love. At least Ben Schaffer said this.”

“Can Ben Schaffer’s words count?” Elliot’s cheeks were flushed, and his voice was a bit lower than hers.” He also scolded me. Could it be true if he scolded me? I have a good relationship with him and often joke around casually.”

“It is precisely because the two of you have a good relationship that he understands you better and evaluates you more truthfully.” Avery’s words blocked his next words.

“What’s wrong with the love brain?” Elliot couldn’t refute, but could only accept it reluctantly, “Love brain shows the importance of feelings.”

“Oh.” Avery felt that what Elliot said was not unreasonable.

Elliot’s face turned even redder. He couldn’t help but want to hold her hand again.

“Let’s go back!” Avery turned around, letting her outstretched hand be empty. “The wind outside is a little cold. I don’t know if it’s the headache caused by the wind or the original headache. It’s better for me to go back and rest. Otherwise, if the state is worse tomorrow, then nothing can be done.”


The two walked back and arrived at the hotel not long after.

“Wait a minute to make a video call for the child!” Elliot said when he entered the elevator.

Avery: “They are in Bridgedale now.”

“I know. When the three brother and sister meet later, you can make a video call for them. I’ll just go to the side and take a look.” Elliot said humbly, “Hayden still didn’t spend the money I gave him. “

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