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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1912 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1912 by Desirenovel

Katalina cleared her throat and said, “Cousin, I’m a little thirsty. Why don’t you have any water here?”

Norah immediately went to get her water.

“I drink bottled water.” Norah Jones handed her a bottle of water, “I usually boil it and drink it. But it’s fine to drink it directly.”

“Oh…cousin, you are very particular.” Katalina saw the bottled water brand, which is a famous high-end drinking water.

“I simply like the taste of this water. In fact, the skin care products I use are very cheap, and it is because I am used to using them.” Katalina unscrewed the bottle cap, took a sip of water, and eased her mood, “Cousin, I really only heard a little…I just took a sip of water, but I can’t remember anything. Probably because I have no memory of what I heard…”

Norah looked at her cousin’s face carefully to distinguish the truth from her words.

“Cousin, you look at me like that…I’m a little scared. Did you just talk about an important phone call?” Katalina choked her throat and screwed on the cap of the water bottle.

Norah smiled and shook her head: “Of course not. It was a call from an old classmate who wanted to pursue me, but I’m used to being single…”

Katalina: “Oh! Cousin, aunt and uncle have always been hope you get married soon. But you are so good, you can’t just find a man.”

Norah Jones breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Of course, you are still young. You don’t understand a lot of things. In fact, it’s really meaningless to find a man. Especially good men, they don’t know what to do. Don’t treat women as human beings. Women are the same to them as clothes. I don’t want to cling to any man anymore. I want to be a queen by myself, and let those men please me for what kind of men I like in the future. I’m here now, and I’m rich and powerful, so it’s okay to cover you. If you have any problems or difficulties in the future, just tell me.”

Katalina nodded gratefully: “Hmm. I haven’t encountered any difficulties for the time being.”

“But are you really not considering coming to work in our company? How tiring is being a teacher, and the salary is average. It’s also your parents who dote on you, Let you join this line. If you were my daughter, I would definitely be reluctant to bear this burden on you.” Norah persuaded in the tone of an elder.

Katalina: “Cousin, I’ve just entered the business, and I haven’t felt tired yet! When I’m really tired and can’t hold on any longer, I’ll definitely come and hug your thigh.”

Norah: “Wait for you to come to me anytime.”


After dinner, Avery didn’t want to go back to the room.

“I’ll go out with you to get some air.” Elliot walked up to her and held her hand in his palm, “I’ve already asked where the accomplice is being held. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go see that person.”

Avery nodded.

The climate of Yonroeville has a large temperature difference between morning and evening.

In summer, it can reach more than 40 degrees during the day, and it can drop to about 20 degrees at night.

When the two came out of the hotel, a cool breeze hit, but they didn’t feel cold.

Avery looked at the street lights in the distance, walked aimlessly, panicked in her heart, and said involuntarily: “Do you know why I chose to study medicine when I was in college?”

Elliot: “Everyone has their own hobbies. You like medicine.”

Avery shook her head: “Study medicine is hard. No one is born to like to suffer. Have I never told you about my grandparents?”

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