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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1903 by Desirenovel

Katalina was stunned for a moment. When she saw Mrs. Cooper, the bodyguard, and Robert all looking at her with hostile eyes, she was immediately embarrassed.

“Layla, maybe I’m too straight, but I really hope you study hard, because I had the same experience as you when I was a kid. When I was in elementary school, my parents divorced, and I lived with my dad. You should know Norah Jones, right?” Katalina’s sudden change of words caught everyone off guard.

After she mentioned Norah Jones, the expressions on everyone’s faces suddenly changed from cold hostility to shock and curiosity.

“I know!” Layla asked curiously, “Do you know her too?”

Katalina smiled shyly: “She is my cousin.”

Everyone: “….”

Katalina’s home visit ended, She called Norah and went to Norah’s house.

“I told you not to be a teacher, you have to go.” Norah Jones saw Katalina and poured her a glass of water, “I forgot to tell you that my relationship with Elliot’s family is not good. It’s stupid for his family to mention my name.”

Katalina was stunned: “I thought that when I mentioned your name, Layla would listen to me.”

“Layla felt that I would influence her parents to get back together, so she was very kind to me. Great hostility. They don’t even let me into her house.” Norah Jones said indifferently, “I used to flatter this little girl in order to show off in front of Elliot, but she didn’t expect her mother to treat me as an enemy when she returned to Aryadelle. “

“I can see it clearly now. Only when I am strong, I will not be despised by others.” Norah Jones added.

“That’s it!” Katalina and Norah didn’t have anything to do with each other before, but now it’s because Katalina returned to work in Aryadelle and their parents asked them to take care of each other, so they contacted each other, “Sister Norah, you are so good, you can definitely find a good man. For those who are married and divorced with children, forget it!”

“Well. I’ve figured it out. In the future, I’ll have to rely on myself.” Norah looked at Katalina, “You went to the house today and suffered a lot of grievances, right? That Layla is very rude.”

Katalina: “Maybe she lacks the company of her parents. It’s about it! Her parents are going away again.”

Norah’s eyes narrowed: “Did you go away? Where did you go?”

“I don’t know. I called Elliot, and his phone was turned off.” Katalina said. At the time, the phone rang.

It was Elliot who called.

Katalina immediately picked up the phone: “Hello, Layla’s father, I’m the head teacher of Layla’s new semester, just call me Katalina.”

Elliot: “I’m sorry, I just got off the plane.”

Norah Jones took Katalina right away grabbed her phone and pressed the speakerphone.

“I visited your home just now and had a brief chat with Layla. I have some questions. I want to talk to you or Layla’s mother. When are you free?” Katalina asked, taking her phone back.

Avery heard a little sound, so she asked Elliot in a low voice: “Is Layla’s teacher? What did she say?”

“Home visit… Said to talk to us.” Elliot whispered back to Avery’s words.

The whispered conversation between the two of them clearly fell into the ears of Norah Jones and Katalina.

“Hello Ms. Larson, I’m in Yonroeville with Layla’s mother, and I won’t return to Aryadelle for the time being. If you have any questions, you can tell us directly on the phone.” Elliot said.

When Norah Jones heard his answer, Elliot immediately stepped aside and started planning in his heart.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1903 by Desirenovel

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