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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1902 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1902 by Desirenovel

“The teacher has never had a home visit before, why does she want a home visit now?” Layla whispered, got out of bed quickly, and went to the bathroom to simply clean up.

In the living room, the teacher took a look at Foster’s living room.

The decoration style was simple and luxurious, and children’s toys or daily necessities could be seen everywhere, but they were not messy.

Layla came downstairs and saw that the new teacher was a young and beautiful woman, her bright eyes suddenly glowed.

“Hello Layla, I’m your new head teacher for the new semester. My name is Katalina Larson, you can just call me Teacher Larson.” Katalina walked up to Layla and introduced herself, “By the way, I’m your future foreign language teacher.”

“Oh…Teacher Larson, where is my former head teacher?” Layla asked.

“She’s been promoted.” Katalina laughed, “Have you finished your summer homework?”

Layla was dizzy for a while, and replied, “It’s finished. Do you want to check?”

“I’ll ask. But if you want to give it to me Take a look, you can.” Katalina smiled sweetly, “Aren’t your parents at home? I called your father, and his phone was turned off.”

“My parents are away. Do you have to see them?” Layla knew what the new teacher’s home visit was going to do, so she asked cautiously.

“Since they’re not at home, I’ll just have a chat with you.” Katalina sat down on the sofa and asked Layla to sit beside her, “I heard your former head teacher talk about your home situation, your previous grades are very good, but after your parents divorced, your grades have dropped significantly.”

Layla listened to the teacher’s nagging, and suddenly showed a loveless expression, as if she hadn’t woken up yet.

Mrs. Cooper saw Layla like this, sighed in her heart, and went to the kitchen to bring her breakfast.

The teacher: “Layla, learning is for yourself, not for your parents. You are responsible for your own learning.”

The teacher: “I know your family is rich. Even if you don’t study well, you won’t worry about food and drink in the future, but the teacher still wants you to be a useful person to society, not a lazy waste.”

The teacher: “By the way, I also heard about you. Every winter and summer vacation will be filming. Being beautiful is indeed a kind of capital, but being beautiful may not make you successful in the end. You see your mother is also very beautiful, but how good she studies. You treat your mother as A role model, isn’t it?”

Layla looked at the new teacher with mixed feelings.

The previous head teacher also talked to her, but the last head teacher spoke very softly and implicitly, and would never directly say about her parents’ divorce, nor about her entry into the entertainment industry, nor would she say anything to her. Words like ‘delicious and lazy waste’.

After all, she is Elliot’s daughter, even if she is really lazy, she can’t stand being told that in person.

“Teacher Larson, you have some misunderstandings about our Layla. Layla usually study very hard, and her filming did not delay her study.” After listening to the teacher’s words, Mrs. Cooper felt that the teacher’s words were too harsh, so she quickly spoke for Layla.

“Are you Layla’s grandmother?” Teacher Larson asked.

Mrs. Cooper’s face was flushed: “No, I’m just a servant at home.”

“Oh… I’ll have a good chat with Layla’s parents when they come back. Layla is about to take the entrance exam. You may not know that students with good grades will participate in the internal assessment of key middle schools half a year in advance…” Teacher Larson said.

“Even if Layla doesn’t do well, her father can send Layla to the best middle school.” Mrs. Cooper explained.

“The meaning is different! Don’t you want Layla to go to the best school by her own strength?” Teacher Larson asked rhetorically.

Mrs. Cooper was speechless.

Layla couldn’t bear it anymore and stopped being silent: “Teacher Larson, my dad didn’t say anything about me. You care so much, it’s very annoying.”

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