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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1898 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1898 by Desirenovel

“Layla, your father and I are not enemies.” Avery said awkwardly.

Layla: “You mean you two are still good friends?”

“Of course not…” Avery didn’t know how to explain to her daughter, “I have no problem talking to him, but it’s impossible to sleep together, understand?”

“Understood.” Layla felt a little regretful, “Hey, Mom, then you have to protect yourself. You don’t want to sleep with him, what if he wants to sleep with you? “

Avery: “…”

After talking on the phone with her daughter, Avery quietly walked from the master bedroom, came out and planned to see what Elliot was doing in the living room.

Her daughter’s words made her feel uneasy, and she always felt that Elliot would do something secretly behind her back.

Who knows, when her head came out, Elliot looked at her.

His eyes seemed to grow on her head.

“Did you call your daughter?” Elliot saw her sneaky look just now, but didn’t reveal it.

Avery: “Well, have you told your daughter?”

Elliot: “Not yet. Since you said it, I won’t say it.”

“I said her, and you have to say her too!” Avery frowned, “It’s you and I’m me. If you need me to take care of your child’s responsibilities, then give me the custody of the child!”

Elliot: “…”

Under Avery’s gaze, Elliot gave Layla the call up.

“Dad, you don’t need to say it, my mother told me.” Layla answered the phone and immediately said, “You have to take good care of my mother. If my mother is wronged or injured outside, I will not help you chase my mother.”

Elliot: “Well. Dad knows. You and Robert stay at home obediently. If you want to take your brother to Bridgedale to visit Hayden, remember to bring bodyguards with you.”

Layla didn’t expect Dad to know what’s on her mind.

She never told her father that she would take her brother to Bridgedale to visit Hayden.

Layla: “Oh… Of course I will bring bodyguards. Otherwise, I won’t be able to bring my brother!”

“When you have any action, you must tell Dad as soon as possible. As long as it is a reasonable request, Dad will not be angry. I won’t blame you.” Elliot confessed lovingly.

Layla’s face blushed: “I see.”

Avery stood by to watch Elliot finish talking on the phone, and couldn’t help teasing: “What a good father. Gentle and reasonable, kind and unrestrained… I only just today It turns out that you have two faces!”

Elliot: “You have two faces to the child and to me.”

“That’s because you are worthy.” Avery followed his words and chastised him, “No wonder Layla and Robert like you. If you want to buy someone’s heart, you can let go of your self-esteem and be good to anyone.”

Elliot: “They are my children, and I am good to them, so you don’t need to let go of your self-esteem.”

“Okay, your mouth is on your face, you say What is what.” Avery turned around and planned to go back to her room to pack her luggage.

“What do you want to eat at night?” Elliot looked at her back and asked, “I won’t go back. The driver will bring my luggage in a while. Let’s have takeout tonight.”

Avery thought about going with him out together, it’s better not to make trouble with him, so she responded: “I’m not picky eaters, I can do anything.”

“Okay. Go and clean up! Don’t worry about me.” Elliot could feel that Avery was here and she Seems a little uneasy.

But Elliot still didn’t want to go.

After Avery went back to her room, he walked to the window and watched the pouring rain outside.

Heavy rain made the sky dark. The dense rain formed a line, casting a layer of mystery on the distant scenery.

After a while, the driver brought his luggage.

Avery also packed her luggage.

“The ticket at 7 o’clock will get the airport at 6 o’clock. It’s raining heavily today, and the road conditions must be bad. We have to go out early.” Avery glanced at the time, it was almost five o’clock.

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