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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1895 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1895 by Desirenovel

“I don’t care what kind of man Avery is looking for. But I’m worried about you.” Norah Jones said bluntly, “because I told you about Billy. If I didn’t tell you, don’t worry so much. You will suffer because of it.”

“Isn’t it just ugly and short in stature?” Elliot pretended to be calm, “I won’t suffer because of it.”

“It’s not the most important thing. The important thing is that Billy is a pervert.” Norah Jones’s face was suddenly in pain, “A person like him who has the ability but is disabled can easily become mentally abnormal. He has a lot of messy and terrible pets. Such as snakes, lizards, mice, spiders… When I think about it now, my scalp is numb… He told me that if I want to be with him, I have to get used to his pets.”

Elliot: “…”

“Probably Avery studied medicine, so she’s not very afraid of these terrifying animals… But I think he’s perverted, definitely more than that.” Norah Jones continued, “I really don’t know what Avery’s taste is and find such a man to fall in love with.”

Elliot clenched his fists, unable to continue listening.

He stood up abruptly: “Avery doesn’t necessarily know about his perverted behavior! You don’t need to confuse them! Avery hasn’t married him yet!”

He settled down and strode out of the cafe.

Starry River Villa.

After Avery sent a message to Gwen, her right eyelid twitched from time to time.

She tossed and turned in bed and couldn’t sleep, so she got out of bed, went to the window, and pulled the curtains back.

The sky outside the window did not know when it changed.

The sun was still shining brightly at noon, but now it was overcast.

Layla called her last night and said she could finish her summer homework in a day at most. She decides to take Robert and go to Bridgedale to find Hayden for reunion. She didn’t tell Elliot about the plan. She keeps it a secret too.

Avery could imagine that if Elliot found out that she had smuggled two children to Bridgedale, he would definitely blame her.

She was very confused, should she tell Elliot now?

Think what comes.

When the sky started to rain, a black Rolls Royce appeared in front of her yard.

She came downstairs immediately. Her cell phone rang at the time. but she didn’t care. She walked directly to the door, took an umbrella, and strode into the rain.

Now that Elliot’s here, she thinks it might be God’s will.

She walked quickly to the gate of the courtyard and opened it.

She tried to raise the umbrella in her hand and hold an umbrella for Elliot.

Seeing her clumsy appearance, Elliot took the umbrella in her hand without hesitation.

“I have something to tell you.” Avery followed Elliot step by step, speaking to him through the rhythmic voice of raindrops.

“I have something to tell you, too.” Elliot slowed down, afraid that Avery wouldn’t be able to keep up.

“Oh… let me speak first!” Avery was afraid that if Elliot spoke first, they would quarrel. If there was a fight, she might forget what she had to say.

Elliot: “Let’s talk after entering the house.”

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. When they entered the house, their shoes were wet.

Avery was the first to change into a pair of shoes.

“I plan to take Layla and Robert to Bridgedale to play for a few days in two days.” Avery looked at the back of his head and told the story.

Elliot changed his shoes, turned around, and said without a trace of emotion: “No.”

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