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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1886 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1886 by Desirenovel

Coco: “I hate this kind of incompetent relationship the most. It’s hateful to talk to each other and look contemptuous.”

Gwen’s cheeks flushed: “You can say that I have no strength, but you can’t say that I am a relationship. I don’t rely on my boyfriend.”

Coco: “Boyfriend? Isn’t it the gold owner?” he must be quite old, right? he must have a family, right? you are just a junior, and you talk like a real girlfriend!”

Gwen felt that her way of thinking was completely different from hers, even if she were theorizing, she would definitely The theory yields no results.

Besides, they were not familiar with each other, so Gwen didn’t need to fight her for life and death.

As long as the work is completed, there may be no chance to meet again in the future.

Gwen strode away and came to the location to be filmed later.

After a while, Coco changed her clothes and the shooting officially started.

Although Coco was dissatisfied with Gwen, she did not provoke trouble after she entered the working state.

Filming lasted about an hour.

After work, the person in charge of the filming invited Gwen and Coco to have dinner together.

Coco wanted to refuse, but Gwen took the lead and said, “I have something to do at night, so I won’t go.”

Coco glared at Gwen.

Who is this looking down on?

“Since Gwen won’t go, then I’ll try to participate in the dinner!” Coco said, and got into the commercial car with her assistant.

As soon as Coco left, the person in charge immediately pulled Gwen and persuaded: “Gwen, don’t take Coco’s words to heart. You can see that although she complained, she still completed the shooting with you very well. Our boss chose You, it’s definitely not because of your relationship with President Schaffer, but because Coco doesn’t know the inside story, that’s why she misunderstand. I’ll explain it to her when we eat later.”

Gwen said, “The filming is over, you don’t need to explain to her for me. I don’t need to explain to her either.”

“Yes, that is your personal business after all. Today’s filming can be successfully completed, thank you for your hard work. You are here at noon, how could I be so embarrassed to let you go without inviting you to dinner?” The person in charge strongly retained it.

Gwen couldn’t shirk, so she could only agree.

Dinner at a high-end restaurant in the city center.

After the group entered the private room, they took their seats in order according to their status.

Coco sat in the main seat, and the person in charge sat beside her.

Originally, the person in charge wanted Gwen to sit on his other side, but Gwen refused.

Gwen sat down on the side, asked the waiter for a pot of water, and then started drinking.

“Gwen, which executive of Sterling Group is your sponsor? I only know Elliot of Sterling Group.” Coco raised her noble eyelids and asked Gwen.

“Who is your sponsor?” Gwen was very angry, so she didn’t care about anything else, and asked Coco rhetorically.

Now there are ten or twenty people sitting in the private room, and when Coco asks her this kind of question in public, it is simply to embarrass her on purpose.

Cocoa’s face suddenly turned the color of pig liver.

Everyone also showed panic.

Anyone who has known Coco’s struggle history knows that Coco became popular by strength.

Coco is tall and has a unique temperament, and has won international awards.

It’s just that she has a cold and arrogant personality, and if she doesn’t like it, she will be angry. But this does not affect her current influence in the modeling industry.

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