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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1883 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1883 by Desirenovel

“This… how can this be done. If you find a boyfriend like that, it’s better to make up with you!” Mrs. Cooper accidentally said what was in her heart, “Avery’s condition is so good, even if the other party is so good. No matter how rich she is, but her body and appearance are not suitable, that’s not acceptable. Layla is so beautiful, how can she accept such a stepfather?”

Elliot: “What if she only falls in love and does not get married?”

“That’s even more incredible. Since If Avery is only in love, why doesn’t she find a handsome man?” Mrs. Cooper questioned, “Sir, there must be a secret here! You can’t watch Avery jump into the fire pit!”

Elliot: “…”

Elliot is embarrassed to say that he was kicked out by Avery this morning. He wanted to save her from misfortune, but she didn’t appreciate it.

At noon, Tammy returned Avery’s pink car.

“Avery, when are you going to bring your boyfriend to meet us?” Tammy came here today for this question, “Did your boyfriend miss you these days when you returned to Aryadelle? I know he must be very busy. But no matter how busy he is, he can’t forget hi girlfriend!”

Avery: “Tammy, ​​this morning, Elliot came to me about this matter.”

Tammy: “Ha? I thought I was active enough. I didn’t expect Elliot to be earlier than me. Was he jealous and came to you to cry, hoping that you would change your mind and give him another chance?”

Avery: “…”

Tammy said and her brain circuit was simply insane.

It was not the first day that they both met Elliot. What kind of person is Elliot? Does Tammy really have no idea?

Avery: “Norah Jones told him that my boyfriend was short, ugly and disabled, so he came and scolded me.”

Tammy: “What’s the matter with Norah Jones? Why is she slandering your boyfriend because she can’t see you well? Does Elliot have water in his head? Why does he believe Norah Jones’s words?”

Avery suddenly wanted to know about Tammy’s attitude: “Tammy, ​​what if Norah Jones’s words are true?”

Tammy: “!!!”

Tammy quickly got up from the sofa, ran to find a water glass, took a glass of water and drank it, then she patted her chest, slowed and slowed, and finally rushed to Avery.

“Short, ugly, and disabled?” Tammy slapped Avery’s face and asked loudly, “I don’t agree. Even if the two of you are only in love and not married, that won’t work!”

Avery pursed her lips, no say.

“Avery, what are you looking for for such a boyfriend? If you’re lonely, you might as well find Elliot to fall in love. Anyway, it’s just for use, not married!”

Avery: “…I’m not lonely. “

“Then you want your current boyfriend to be obedient?” Tammy wanted to understand what Avery was thinking, “Then why don’t you get a dog. My aunt’s Labrador, if you want to be more obedient, there will be Be more obedient! Not only obedient, but also good-looking! Do you want a dog? I’ll give you one.”

Avery: “…Tammy, thank you, I figured it out.”

Tammy: “What have you figured out?”

Avery: “It’s better to have a dog than to find a man. When I’m with Elliot, I have to see his face. If I have a dog, can the dog show me?”

Tammy laughed: “It depends on how you raise the dog. If you raise the dog too squeamishly, it will make you look like a dog.”

Tammy walked over to Avery and sat down, urging: “Give me the photo of your boyfriend. Let me see how ugly he is.”

Avery took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and opened the photo album——

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