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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1874 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1874 by Desirenovel

Layla calmed down a little after listening to her mother’s words.

“Then I’ll just listen to Uncle Mike! Uncle Mike must be doing it for Mom’s sake.” Layla muttered to herself.

“Layla, your father really cried?” Avery couldn’t believe it.

She always felt that Elliot was not such a vulnerable person.

“Really!” Layla replied loudly, “Mom how could I lie to you? I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Oh…” Avery still couldn’t believe it, “Layla, your father is crying because of something else?”

“Huh?” Layla was stunned, “I-I don’t know…but there’s nothing else in our family that can make him cry! Today, Robert is so good. He fell asleep after playing outside for a while. I was the only one who was angry with him.”

“Layla, don’t be sad. Your father will find out the truth one day.” Avery comforted her daughter, “It’s very hard now. It’s late, have you taken a bath?”

Layla: “Not yet…”

“Then you go take a bath first. Take a bath and get a good night’s sleep. When you finish your summer homework, bring your brother to find me. When the time comes If there is anything, we can say it face to face.” Avery’s tone was relaxed, trying to relax her daughter.

“Mom, if Dad chases you again, will you still give him a chance?” Layla wondered if Dad still had a chance, “I like Dad, Robert also likes Dad, if we stay with him longer, we must be reluctant to abandon him.”

Layla expressed her attitude.

Avery understands her daughter’s emotional change.

The past two years have been neither long nor short.

Elliot can make the child develop feelings for him, which shows that he has spent a lot of time and energy on the child.

“If your father can get Haze back, maybe I will reconsider my relationship with him.” Avery told Layla her answer.

Layla made an ‘oh’, as if satisfied.

“Mom, then I’m going to take a bath. Bye.”

Avery: “Good night, baby.”

Avery’s heart beat heavily after speaking on the phone.

His daughter’s voice was still in her ears, but Elliot actually cried?

She frowned, turned on her phone, found Elliot’s dialog, and wanted to send him a message, but she didn’t know what to send.

If Elliot really cried tonight because Avery found a boyfriend, she would be embarrassed to find him instead.

Avery’s mood was completely disrupted. She lay on the bed and covered her head with the quilt.

Foster family.

After Layla left the study, Elliot began to think of a way.

Since he promised Layla to chase Avery back, his biggest obstacle now is Avery’s boyfriend Billy.

Who is this man?

Only by figuring out the details of the opponent can he know how much chance he has.

After thinking for half an hour, he called his subordinates and said his order.



10:00 in the morning.

Mike was wearing his home clothes and eating breakfast in the dining chair.

He and Hayden live together, but their work and rest times are completely staggered.

Hayden still went to bed late and got up early, and it was rare for Mike to say a word to him in a day.

Halfway through breakfast, Mike saw some great news.

This news amused Mike.

Mike immediately found Hayden’s number and dialed: “Hayden, Your father, there is a big move!”

Hayden digested it for a while before he understood who Mike was referring to as ‘father’.

Hayden has always had a goal, and this goal is to surpass Elliot.

Now, he is getting closer and closer to his goal, but he rarely pays attention to Elliot, and he doesn’t care about Elliot that much.

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