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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1869 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1869 by Desirenovel

Tammy returned to Lynch’s house in a specially customized new car for Dream Makers.

After the car stopped, Mary came out with her granddaughter in her arms.

“Tammy, whose car are you driving? It’s a beautiful car.” Mary shouted, and Jun walked out of the living room upon hearing the sound.

“This is Avery’s car! The car her boyfriend gave her! Isn’t it beautiful?” After getting out of the car, Tammy took out her mobile phone and hurriedly called to Jun, “Husband, come and help me take pictures!”

With a sound of ‘fuck off’, Jun strode to Tammy.

Jun: “This is the luxury car that Avery’s boyfriend gave her?! It’s too dazzling!”

Tammy sneered, “Yes! Avery asked me to drive as long as I wanted. Avery told me, she was just with the dream maker’s boss, so she didn’t tell me. It’s not that the boss can’t do anything. They are very handsome!”

Mary looked at the silver-pink new car, and the more she looked at it, the more she liked it: “You guys are salty. Don’t worry about eating radishes. Can Avery’s eyesight be bad? The dream maker’s boss must be a dragon and a phoenix! He will never be worse than Elliot!”

“Mom, you really know how to talk. Actually, I think the same as you, I knew that the boss of the dream maker is definitely not easy. Otherwise, how could Avery forget Elliot so quickly?” Tammy smiled and handed the phone to Jun, “Husband, help me to take a more beautiful photo, I will wait a while. I’m going to post it on the Moments.”

Tammy stood by the car and took a few pictures, stood by the car with her daughter and took a few pictures, and then sat back in the car to take a few pictures…

After the photo was taken, Tammy immediately put her daughter on the ground, then took the phone back and looked at it one by one.

“Husband, do you really want to drive? Go for a drive!” Tammy took her mobile phone and focused on editing photos, “By the way, think about what kind of car you want. Avery said she could talk to her boyfriend and give us a special custom one.”

Jun’s eyes suddenly lit up: “Avery has a good boyfriend, and we will follow suit! When can we meet her boyfriend? I heard that her boyfriend is very mysterious, and no one has seen his appearance!”

“The relationship between Avery and him is confirmed. I will ask Avery next time. Don’t worry, as long as Avery talks to him, Avery will definitely arrange for us to meet him.” After Tammy finished speaking, Jun opened out for a drive in the pink new car.

After Tammy edited nine photos, they posted them to the circle of friends with the caption: [Super happy today! Dipped in the light of my home! I’m also customizing a pink… silver-pink dream maker!]

After Tammy posted the new news, she immediately received numerous likes and comments.

–Wow! Haven’t heard that Dream Maker released a new silver-pink new car? Is this a limited edition? how much? How to buy it?

——Are you referring to Avery? Is this Avery’s car? How did Avery buy it? Really cow!

  • How to customize it? ! I love this pink so much! Help!

Elliot finished dinner, turned on his phone, and saw a message from Ben Schaffer: Look at Tammy Donut Circle!

Everyone around him knew that Avery was with the dream maker’s boss, but Elliot was the only one who didn’t.

They all wanted to tell Elliot, but they were afraid that Elliot would be stimulated.

After all, Elliot’s intention to secretly deliver a car to Avery was too obvious.

Elliot didn’t want to see Tammy’s circle of friends, but he couldn’t follow his fingers, so he involuntarily opened Tammy’s circle of friends.

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