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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1865 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1865 by Desirenovel

“That’s right! If you are with Billy, you can jump directly to the top of the Dreamer.”

“Let’s see how we meet tomorrow!” Norah Jones narrowed her eyes, “I must win Billy!”


Starry River Villa.

Tammy came to find Avery.

“Avery, I heard that someone sent you two new Dream Makers’ new cars! Where’s the car?” Tammy came here specially to see her new car.

Avery: “Who told you?”

“My husband told me.” Tammy looked at her with gossip, “they have a small group of men, as long as one of them knows any news, they will know all the rumors. Come and show me your new car! When I went home with Jun last night, Jun also said that he wanted to buy a new car from the Dream Maker to try! It’s a pity that I can’t buy it now. I can only buy second-hand cars.”

Tammy added, “Do you know how expensive Dream Makers are now? The price has tripled!”

Avery immediately took Tammy to the garage.

Following the advice of the bodyguard, she bought two parking spaces in the underground parking lot of the community.

The previous two old cars were put in the underground parking lot.

“Avery, you can’t drive your two new cars? Would you like to sell me one?” Tammy discussed with Avery before seeing the new car, “I heard that Elliot gave you one. The one that Elliot gave you to sell to me?”

Avery heard the overtone from her words.

“What else have you heard?”

Tammy laughed: “They said you were looking for a boyfriend. Your boyfriend gave you another new car.”

Avery: “…”

The garage door opened, Tammy saw the two new cars in the garage, and without thinking, ran directly to the silver-pink new car.

“Avery! This car is too beautiful, isn’t it?! The color is so poking at me! Is this what your boyfriend gave you? Oh my God! Your boyfriend is too good!” Tammy stretched out her hand in the new car and touched the body, “Hey, I really want a specially customized car like this! Can you ask your boyfriend to customize one for me? How much I will pay myself!”

Avery raised her hand and rubbed her head.

Elliot, this b*stard. How could he spread her gossip like this behind his back.

Avery didn’t say that this pink new car was given by her boyfriend.

“Tammy, ​​I…” Avery wanted to explain that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

“I know all about it! Your boyfriend is the boss of the dream maker. They all know it. They told me not to tell you. If I told you, you would be angry. But I think this is a happy event. Tammy looked at her with envy, “Avery, seriously, I agree with this marriage! The boss of Dream Maker, how promising! I think Dream Maker will definitely surpass Sterling Group in the future!”

Avery: “…”

What does it mean to agree to this marriage?

Is the dream maker’s boss her boyfriend?

How could Elliot gossip behind his back!

Angered, Avery rushed out of the garage, planning to go to the living room to get a mobile phone and call Elliot to scold him!

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