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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1612 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1612

Avery: [After I’m with you, I don’t have so many opinions anymore. Every time I go out to play, don’t I listen to you?]

Elliot:[ Next time I will take you out.]

Avery: [Good! Next time we go out as a family.]

Elliot: [Well, go to sleep! Send me pictures tomorrow.]

Avery: [Good.]

After sending the message to Elliot, her heart suddenly calmed down.

Not long after putting down the phone, she fell asleep in a daze.

The next morning, the doctor came for rounds.

“How do you feel?” the doctor asked.

“I feel fine.” Avery said truthfully, “I have to go out for a walk today.”

The doctor said, “You have less than 24 hours of surgery! At least 24 hours of observation.”

“I’ll go out at noon, okay?” Avery asked, “If I don’t have any abnormality by noon, I will take my son out for a walk. If I don’t go far, I will go shopping near the hospital.”

The doctor glanced at Hayden and nodded: “It should be your first time to come to Cafjell? There is a lake behind the hospital, and the scenery is not bad. You can go and have a look. You can stay in the hotel tonight, but you must come to the hospital for re-examination tomorrow.”

Avery: “Well.”

At noon, Avery and Hayden came out of the hospital, When she was looking for lunch at a nearby restaurant, Elliot’s message came.

Let her post pictures.

She has no makeup and her face is not very good, so she turned on the beauty camera.

After taking a random photo, she sent it over.

Elliot was eating lunch at this time, and when he saw the beautiful photo sent by Avery, the food in his mouth choked directly into his esophagus.

He put down the phone and coughed violently.

Ben Schaffer immediately poured him a glass of water: “What’s wrong? So excited?”

Elliot covered his mouth and nose with a tissue, then picked up the phone again and glanced at the photo again.

Ben Schaffer followed and looked at the screen of his mobile phone.

“My God! Who is this? This awl can stab people to death.” Ben Schaffer complained and glanced at the name on the dialog box: ‘wife’

Ben Schaffer was speechless: “Avery what is this doing? Is it a spoof photo?”

Elliot held up the water glass, took a sip of water, and was shocked: “It should have been taken with a beauty camera.”

“Other people take a photo with a beauty camera, and the photo can be turned into a ‘photo cheat’, she took it with a beauty camera. The photo has turned into a ‘ghost movie’! Hahahaha!” Ben Schaffer laughed ruthlessly, “You also take a picture with your beauty camera and send it to her.”

“Avery didn’t say she wanted to see my photo.” Elliot put down the phone, “She Being with Hayden, she doesn’t miss me at all. Last night, I took the initiative to send her a message.”

“Why don’t you guys make a video call?” Ben Schaffer felt that sending a message was a bit of a waste of his fingers.

“Avery doesn’t allow video calls or calls. She said Hayden doesn’t want to see me.” When Elliot said this, he lost his appetite.

“It hurts Avery to say that. It’s one thing that Hayden likes you or not. Avery should find a way to win over the relationship between your father and son. It’s not that Hayden doesn’t want to see you, so Avery takes Hayden away from you.” Ben Schaffer said, “I remember that Avery was very protective of you, why has it changed now?”

Elliot: “Is there any?”

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