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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1610 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1610

When Avery woke up from the anesthesia, she was a little dizzy.

For a while, she couldn’t tell where she was, couldn’t tell the day and night, let alone what year it was.

“Mom, how do you feel?” Hayden said immediately when Avery woke up.

Avery looked at her son: “Hayden…Why are you here?”

“Mom, you are in the hospital now. You were given anesthesia and had a minor operation, and you just woke up now.” Hayden told her situation she.

She suddenly woke up a lot, but still couldn’t remember too many things.

“Oh…no wonder I feel a little dizzy.” Avery frowned and sat up.

“Mom, do you want to sleep a little longer?” Hayden was afraid that she would faint, so he held her arm.

“Have I slept for a long time? What time is it?” Avery didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Mainly because her son is by her side, she wants to accompany him.

“It’s after nine o’clock at night.” Hayden replied, “Mom, are you hungry? I can order takeout.”

“I’m a little hungry. Let’s go out to eat.” Avery looked at the table, her phone was on it .

She took the phone and asked, “Did your father call?”

“No.” Hayden replied, “Mom, the doctor told me that it’s better for you to stay in the hospital.”

They booked a hotel near the hospital…

It was Avery who insisted on ordering.

“I’m not so dizzy anymore.” Avery didn’t want his son to be in the hospital ward with him. If so, she might as well find a nurse to take care of herself.

“Why don’t you listen to the doctor?” Hayden said solemnly, “It’s so late, Elliot will definitely call.”

“Did your sister also make the video call?” Avery glanced at the phone number. For the record, during the time when she was in a coma, no one was looking for her.

“Layla called me. She hung up when she saw you were sleeping.” Hayden said.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “You hung up first, right?”

“Layla hung up. She went to an event with Uncle Eric tonight. She wanted you to see how she looked like a goblin tonight.” Hayden said lightly .

Avery immediately thought of the picture.

Layla must have asked him if she was beautiful, and he must have poured cold water on Layla, so Layla hung up the video call.

She put on her shoes and stood up. She felt the wound on her head, except for a little pain, there was no other discomfort.

“Mom, listen to me first today.” Hayden looked at her and said solemnly, “The doctor said that you will have to do a puncture next. Because the blood in your head has not been cleaned up. After the second operation, I’ll listen to you again.”

Avery was not an unreasonable person.

Hayden was all for her health, so she sat down on the hospital bed: “Okay! Let’s have takeout then! I’ll have some.”


“Can you go back to the hotel to sleep alone at night?” Avery didn’t want to let Hayden accompany her in the ward overnight.

“I’m not going back to the hotel. I’ll be where you are.” Hayden said calmly, “The nurse said that she will bring me the escort bed later.”

Avery: “Is it a folding bed?”

“As long as you can sleep.” Hayden said nonchalantly, “I just want you to get better soon.”

Avery looked at his son’s increasingly three-dimensional facial features. He was obviously not yet ten years old, but he was already a little adult.

At night, Avery was lying in bed, unable to sleep.

It was about 1:00 a.m. when the nurse came in, took her blood pressure and checked her temperature.

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