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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1609 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1609

Wanda can’t really be blamed for this matter.

If it wasn’t for her interests and wanting to recognize Elliot, she would not be used by Wanda at all.

“I’m the legal person of your company now, what do you want to do with this?” Sofia couldn’t help shaking, “Will I go to jail?!”

“It depends on your son.” Wanda laughed out loud, ” If you hug your son’s thigh tightly, nothing will happen. If your son doesn’t care about you, then you will be miserable!”

After Wanda finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Sofia listened to the beeping and disconnecting sound from the phone, her ankles softened and she almost fell down.

She held on to the wall and stood firm.

Elliot has blocked her, and Elliot will never care about her.



Avery’s cell phone rang.

Hayden thought it was Elliot who was calling, and his face suddenly turned cold.

His mother just had surgery and was still in a coma.

He picked up his mother’s mobile phone and saw the words ‘Sofia’ on the screen. After thinking for a while, Hayden answered the phone.

“Avery, I made a mistake. Elliot is ignoring me now. Can you help me? I don’t know what to do, I’m scared now… Wanda said I’m going to jail.” Sofia’s brain was in a mess, and she choked up when she spoke.

Hayden didn’t know what happened, but when Sofia asked her mother for help, her brows naturally wrinkled.

Mom was lying on the hospital bed now, and Hayden didn’t want anyone to disturb Mom with anything.

“My mother is not available.” Hayden said lightly, “You have something to do to find Elliot, don’t disturb my mother.”

Sofia was stunned when she heard Hayden’s voice: “Who are you?”

Hayden didn’t want to waste any more words and hung up the phone.

After Sofia was hung up, she remembered that it was Hayden’s voice.

–That cold boy was the same as Elliot.

–Did Avery give Hayden the phone?

–Avery didn’t want to care about her, so she gave Hayden the phone on purpose, right?

Thinking of this, Sofia seemed to have entered a desperate situation.

Hayden glanced at his mother on the hospital bed.

Avery hadn’t woken up from anesthesia, so she slept very peacefully.

Hayden turned on his phone and searched for news from Avonsville.

But no relevant news was found.

He came out of the ward and dialed Mike.

“Didn’t you go on a trip with your mom? Why do you have time to call me?” Mike’s voice came lazily, “It’s cold, you take your mom on a trip. Even if you have to go on a trip in winter, choose one In the tropics, what do you think about going to Cafjell to climb the mountain?”

Hayden automatically ignored his words and asked, “What happened to Sofia? She called my mother just now.”

Mike said excitedly, “I just heard about it, but it’s pretty cool. Wanda transferred the position of the company’s legal person to Sofia a few years ago. It means that Sofia is now the company’s legal person. I guess the contract Wanda signed with Sofia must be for Sofia. Acknowledging all legal risks, Sofia will not be able to earn a dime of the company’s profits.”

Hayden: “Sofia became a legal person of Wonder Technologies, and then what?”

He wanted to know what Wanda wanted to do.

Mike said, “Wonder Technologies plans to go public. It has already submitted the materials and is waiting for the review by the Aryadelle Securities Regulatory Commission. I was just talking to the vice president about this! The reason why Wanda changed the legal person must be because the listing review failed. Moreover, it is very likely that it is not just that the review cannot be passed… Now the legal person has become Sofia, if Wonder Technologies is investigated, then all the responsibilities will be shouldered by Sofia alone.”

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