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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1603 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1603

Gwen: “Of course. As long as you don’t dislike me, I will definitely come back.”

Avery asked, “How could we dislike you? You went to Ben Schaffer’s house today, are you okay?”

“Hahaha, it’s alright! I was the only guest at his house today. Except for being a little bored, there was no other problem.” Gwen recalled what happened today, “His parents told me about his scandals from childhood to adulthood, He’s about to faint hahaha!”

“What’s wrong with Ben Schaffer?” Avery asked curiously.

“For example, when he was ten years old, he even peeed his pants. He also secretly wore his mother’s high heels. When he wrote a love letter to a girl, he stole his mother’s lipstick and drew hearts on the love letter…” Gwen smiled and turned back and forth.

Avery sighed: “Ben Schaffer’s life when he was a child was really colorful.”

Gwen: “I don’t think he was very smart when he was a child. My second brother is definitely not like that.”

“No one has told me about your second brother’s childhood’s scandal. Every elder mentioned him and said he was very good…but it was also very boring.” Avery thought that Ben Schaffer was more interesting.

“My second brother’s good looks hang Ben Schaffer. Just because of this, women will choose my second brother instead of Ben Schaffer.” Gwen now pays more attention to a man’s appearance.

Avery: “Ben Schaffer doesn’t look bad.”

Gwen: “Ordinary! He didn’t inherit his mother’s beauty gene at all.”

Avery: “Inheritance is metaphysics.”

“Yeah! If I’m with him, the child will look like him, I’m going to die of anger.” Gwen said these words quickly.

Avery couldn’t help laughing and said, “Although you always pick on Ben Schaffer’s thorns, you still like him.”

Gwen sighed, “One thing! It’s mainly because other than him, no other man is chasing me. Why isn’t a decent handsome guy chasing me for a beautiful woman like me?”

Gwen was in Bridgedale every day. With busy training, She had no chance to met strangers, and had no time to fall in love.

Avery: “If you make it to the top three in the final, you’ll know a lot of people.”

Gwen: “Well, I’d better focus on the competition first. I’ll talk about other things later.”


In a blink of an eye, it was the seventh day.

The Spring Festival was completely over for office workers.

In the morning, Eric came over and picked up Layla.

Afterwards, Avery took her and Hayden’s luggage and prepared to go out.

Elliot stood alone in the huge living room, watching them leave.

“Sir, a week has passed quickly. They will be back soon.” Mrs. Cooper hugged Robert and persuaded.

After the car drove out of the yard, Elliot replied, “Hayden hates me more and more.”

Mrs. Cooper: “It will be fine when he grows up.”

“Why do you all say that?” Elliot said indifferently.

Mrs. Cooper: “In the process of growing up, people will gradually understand the efforts of their parents, and will gradually understand the value of family. If he has children in the future, he will understand more thoroughly.”

Elliot: “I don’t dare to ask for it.”

Civil Affairs Bureau.

Today was the first day of work, and many new people come to collect the certificate.

Wesley and Shea waited in line for a while, and finally got their marriage certificate.

After getting the freshly released marriage certificate, Shea immediately took a photo and sent the photo to Elliot.

She came to get the certificate from Wesley without telling Elliot.

She don’t know if Elliot will be angry.

But it’s no use getting angry now.

The phone rang, Elliot took out his phone and saw the marriage certificate sent by Shea.

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