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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1602 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1602

Elliot: “Avery, are you going to go to work on the seventh day of the first year? Your head injury is much more serious than mine, do you think I can let you go to work?”

“I won’t go to work. I made an appointment with Hayden, let’s go on a tour.” Avery told him her plan, “When you go to work, I’ll take my son to play.”

Elliot looked abandoned in surprise: “You guys go on a tour, don’t you take me?”

Elliot has already rested and it’s been half a year, and if he’s on a tour for a few more days, the company will not go bankrupt.

“My daughter isn’t going either. My daughter wants to play with Eric for a few days.” Avery explained.

Elliot raised her eyebrows high: “What’s wrong with letting me on a tour for a few more days? Why don’t you plan me in your itinerary?”

“Then you and your daughter go on a tour with Eric.” Avery said calmly, “You also know that my son doesn’t want to travel with you. If he knew you were going, he would definitely not want to go out to travel.”

Elliot took a deep breath.

“Elliot, this time it was my son who took the initiative and asked me to go out with him.” Avery continued, “I don’t want to spoil him.”

Avery refused so bluntly, how could Elliot have the nerve to forcibly spoil their fun.

“Okay, since Hayden took the initiative to travel with you, let’s go!” Elliot quickly adjusted his emotions, “Where are you going to travel? How long are you going to travel?”

“Don’t go too far, just a week. then Hayden will start school.”

“Mm.” Elliot pondered for a few seconds, and said, “Since I’m superfluous, then I’ll go to work!”

Avery: “If you don’t want to go to work, you can play with Robert at home. “

“I can play with him when I come back from work at night.” Elliot made a decision. “After playing for so long, it’s time to calm down.”

“Well. I’m going to take a shower first.” Avery took her pajamas and walked towards the bathroom.

About half an hour later, she came out of the bathroom.

Elliot was already asleep.

Looking at Elliot’s peaceful sleeping face, Avery couldn’t help picking up her phone, took a photo, and sent it to Tammy: [Play playing-cards during the day, and sleep on the bed at night. It Works better than sleeping pills.]

Tammy: [Hahaha! He is somewhat comical! My husband and I are having supper. Do you want to continue the appointment tomorrow? If you don’t want to go out, I can bring someone to your house to fight.]

Avery: [When he wakes up, I will ask him how to arrange it.]

Tammy: [Good! Gwen went to Ben Schaffer’s house today, is there any progress? I sent her a message and she didn’t reply!]

Avery: [She’ll leave tomorrow, maybe she’s sleeping!]

Tammy: [She is really busy now, and she plans to invite her to play. I don’t know when the next meeting will be.]

After chatting with Tammy, Avery came out of the room and planned to see Gwen.

If Gwen slept, Avery won’t disturb her and if she didn’t sleep, she could chat with her.

Avery came to the door of the guest room and hesitated for a while when she was about to knock on the door.

–If Gwen fell asleep, knocking on the door would wake her up.

But if she go in directly without knocking on the door, she will look like a pervert.

After tangled for a while, the door suddenly opened.

Gwen was holding an empty water glass in her hand, ready to come out to get some water to drink.

Seeing Avery standing at the door, she was surprised, and then pulled her into the room with a smile.

“Avery, why are you here? Are you looking for me?” Gwen put down the empty water glass, but she was no longer thirsty.

“You’re leaving tomorrow, and you didn’t have a good time when you came back this time.” Avery looked at her packed suitcase, “Tammy sent you a message just now.”

“Oh, I’m packing. I didn’t look at my phone. Mrs. Scarlet prepared a lot of food for me and filled my suitcase.” Gwen smiled and said, “It feels good to have someone in pain.”

Avery: “Then come back when you have time.”

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