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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1601 by Desirenovel

Chapter 1601

Robert struggled to get to the ground, picked up his little ball, and handed it to Elliot.

Elliot couldn’t understand what Robert meant, so he asked Mrs. Cooper.

“He wants you to throw the ball out, and he picks it up.” Mrs. Cooper explained.

Elliot suddenly thought of others raising pet dogs and playing such childish games with pet dogs.

Others are the owner throwing the ball out, let the dog take it back.

Unexpectedly, Robert also likes to play this. However, he played the role of a dog.

Elliot glanced at his son helplessly, then threw the ball out.

The little guy immediately pouted his little butt and ran to pick up the ball.

After a while, Ben Schaffer sent Gwen back.

Ben Schaffer saw their father and son playing with a ball, and couldn’t help but tease: “It’s so warm and touching! Elliot, you’re taking your child to walk the dog better than my mother.”

Elliot’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

“Ben Schaffer, you can call Elliot a dog, but you can’t call Robert a dog.” Gwen’s face was colder than Elliot, “I said why I don’t like you so much, because I hate it when you open your mouth. “

After Gwen finished speaking, she hurried back to the guest room.

Ben Schaffer watched her back disappear in front of his eyes, with a confused and aggrieved face: “Your sister’s temper is too big? What I said to you just now was a joke… How could she take it seriously. The two of us often joke like this.”

Elliot’s face was still solemn: “How can you say my son is a dog?”

Ben Schaffer opened his mouth, trying to explain that he didn’t want to insult Robert.

Elliot: “My son is much cuter than a dog.”

Ben Schaffer: “…Goodbye!” Just talk, why do you suddenly dazzle your son?

After Ben Schaffer left, Mrs. Cooper took Robert to take a bath.

Elliot went upstairs.

Layla and Hayden were already asleep.

Avery took pajamas in the master bedroom, ready to take a bath.

Seeing Elliot come in, Avery immediately gave him his pajamas: “How does it feel to play with Robert? I can hear Robert’s laughter from upstairs.”

“No wonder Hayden doesn’t want to play with Robert. Childish.” Elliot couldn’t imagine himself throwing the ball with Robert for half an hour, “It’s just my own son, so I’m very happy.”

“Well, go and take a shower. After the bath, I have something to say.” Avery pushed him to the bathroom.

Elliot stood at the door of the bathroom and looked at her: “Can you tell me in advance?”

Avery: “No. Go and wash! I’m a little tired.”

Elliot entered the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

Because Avery said she was a little tired, Elliot came out of the shower within 15 minutes.

Seeing that the water droplets on his body were not dry, Avery immediately wiped him with a dry towel.

“It’s hard not to wash your hair these days, isn’t it?” Avery asked.

Elliot: “Well, when can I wash? My wound doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Avery: “Wait a few more days.”

“Then I won’t go out next.” Elliot couldn’t stand his image anymore.

Avery: “You go to work on the seventh day of the first lunar month, right?”

“You want me to go to work so much?” Elliot planned to go to work after the Lantern Festival.

“You don’t go to work on the seventh day of the first day?” Avery looked at him with a puzzled face. “If you don’t go to work on the seventh day of the new year, then you will be home alone.”

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